Thursday, July 18, 2013

Halfway there

This light was ordered
We mostly finished painting my youngest daughter's room on Tuesday. The contents of her room are making both the hallway and my bedroom a bit uncomfortable at the moment so the last bit of touch up is a priority.

As you can see, even the painter's tape is still in place. The color is a very pale pink, BM-885 Key pearl. I wrote about choosing the colors before and the wisdom in choosing a lighter color on a paint chip than you think is right. I also advised using sample pots of paint to choose the right shade.

I followed all of my own advice but in the early part of our painting, I had some serious doubts. It looked really pink. I like pink but a cliche little girl's room was not my goal.
I am thrilled to report that it is a very subtle and understated pink now that the entire room and ceiling are painted.
I have white linen curtains for the window and I am still looking for a shade.
The light fixture in the first photo was ordered from Home Depot and the budget friendly price was key. It uses three chandelier bulbs which used to freak my husband out but his training is coming along quite nicely.
Her dresser has been painted with AS chalk paint in graphite.
Now I need to choose one more piece...for the TV.
Before you shudder, let me explain.
I have a boat load of kid's VHS tapes from my first round of little ones and this little girl, being in a home of adults only, often loses out in the TV department. She likes to lie on her bed and watch movies, no cable. So I need to rework that set up. Here are the two options I like.

As much as I like this choice, I am not sure it is right as it won't hide cords and leaves me stacking tapes on top which was the set up and I hate how messy it looked.

I am leaning towards this one for several reasons. 1. Its gray, albeit lighter gray than the dresser. 2. It doesn't hide cords but the basket I store tapes in on the bottom shelf will. 3. Its got cute fretwork details.
I'll have to show our future progress. We are still waiting on the light to arrive and until then we have this klassy number.


Vel Criste said...

I love the lighting you chose and I agree with you on the 2nd option. To cover cords and such, maybe you could put a leaning artwork at the bottom or a foam board covered with giftwrap or one of your fabrics!

Windlost said...

A beautiful subtle choice of pink. I grew up in a very pink bedroom (no one noticed I was a tomboy) and think this is a much more gentle shade...exquisite really.

Good luck with the TV table. Have you considered using another low dresser? Easy to hide cords and lots of storage.

Kimberly Lemmon said...

Klassy with a k says it all. The color looks beautiful - and sophisticated. Pretty light too!

Kwok Wai Wu said...

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Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

The room is coming together very nicely!
Cords, oh Cords.....I HATE them. I've taped them to bottoms of tables and down legs, oh I've done it all...I do wish that the cable and TV ones weren't black. And...I wish they sold extension cords in the clear wire,

Simply Grand said...

On the issue of cords, I once had a similar problem, but it wasn't just the cords them selves, it was the outlet--the only one within 20 feet in a big un-renovated Victorian house--and it and its unavoidable tangle of extension cords was situated dead center on axis with a long view through three rooms.

Because I was just renting the place, I couldn't relocate the outlet, so I stuck my grandmother's Edwardian writing desk in front of the outlet and tacked to the backside of the desk's rear legs a sheet of gatorboard that I had painted to match the color of the wall behind it. It's what MacGyver would have done, and that second piece looks like it might be just right to try the same thing.

An Urban Cottage said...

I kind of like the black against the pink. What if you velcroed fabric to three sides to kind of fem it up. The fabric on the back could have the right side facing the room and would hide the cords.

Rebecca said...

I like the desk options (both of them) that you chose as well as the light fixture. It looks like it's going to be a beautiful room!