Friday, October 2, 2015

Dear Frontgate

Please stop making up words.

 It's not as cute as you think it is to smash words together making a new one.
Your so called "Barmoire" is lovely though. It would make a nice addition to my house.
Sincerely, K

That's all I got folks! Have nice weekend.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Feeling trad

Yesterday, after an audible sigh, my husband said, "You want all traditional furniture, don't you?

"So you've gone over to the old side?" he continued.

Yes. Yes I have and I want nothing more in my house than chintz slipcovers, old wood, and a few fussy and/or crusty accessories. I want no more slick mid-century pieces. No more eclectic mix ala Domino or Lonny. I want cozy, practical and pretty things.
You? Do tell.
This post is created especially for Raina, who I think has the same longings.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Summer into Fall with art

I don't exactly change my decor with the seasons. Maybe my choice of tablecloth varies by season but nothing specific. The seasons do inspire my artwork though.
I have been using my vacation pictures, both old and new, to inspire a series of casual, almost primitive set of watercolor paintings.
The beach scene above sold in the blink of an eye via social media but I am working on more.

These sailboat paintings are a tiny 4 x 5 mounted on 5 x 6 rag board.
It is pretty tough to think about warm, cozy Fall when the temps are still in the mid-90s but I was asked to contribute to an October show at the Corner Gallery in Norfolk, Va.

The theme is color and form so I have three figures just waiting for hanging day.

Incorporating colors I rarely use is a good way to stretch artistically.
This abstract has the summery title, "Tigerlily" but I think the colors bridge the gap between the seasons.

How do you decorate for Fall?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Kid Chinoiserie and stripes

School starts today in our neck of the woods. I was glowing with pride when my six year-old asked for pink Chinoiserie dragons when I was designing a front page for her binder.
I also created stickers with her name and a pink Chinoiserie dragon for folders, composition books and other small items.
On mega sale HERE

My neighbor pointed out that she wears navy and white stripes like it's her uniform. Huh? I never noticed. I looked and she has a vast collection of striped clothing.
 Before we went on vacation I ordered two scarves from MDS Stripes.

My plan was to be striped scarf twinsies at the beach but I ordered a day too late to get them in time. I think I can incorporate them in to her back to school, Chinoiserie, preppy, stripey look. 
I am loving her style.
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Thanks !!

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Project tidy

After last week's post about plans for my college-bound daughter's room, I got to thinking about the level of tidiness on any given day in my house. I give it a C or D grade but my standards are high.I love to keep things clean, as in hygienic and polished but just try to get me to put the last five things I used away. Maybe next week.
My house does not look like these photos at this moment. There are Legos and random toys littering the family room, There are paintings galore leaning in my formal living room and dining room. A pile of shoes just inside the door from the garage...I could go on but you get the idea...lived in, really lived in.
I read half of Marie Kondo's "The life-changing magic of tidying up."
Well, it was half magic because I purged and organized my clothes and and we went through every book in the house, ditching about 50% but the struggle continues.

 I jokingly tell people that I am a recovering slob. I was a sloppy child and young adult but I find truly bothersome now to not live in a tidy space.

Right now the only room that seems fine to me is my son's room but that is because he is at college and no one is there to mess it up.

At the end of this week *sniff* there will be two adults and one child sharing almost 4000 square feet of space. For the love of Pete, we should be able to figure this out!
So that, along with the zhushing and repurposing of the college-bound daughter's room are projects I hope to share here. I would like to include storage solutions that are working for us and maybe (just maybe because I think its TMI) before pictures. 
In the mean time, I think I have laundry that should be put away and a pile of magazines to pitch.
Got any nifty tricks for me?

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Office space

Here's a little confession: My laptop is always on the kitchen table and it is often accompanied by papers and current clutter. 

I actually only used this desk as a desk when it was in the would-be library that is now my studio which you can glimpse in the upper right of my photo. Now I write checks here and quick notes but it is not super functional. I need to fix this because my house is not exactly presentable most days.

Functional but not my style

 I perused Pinterest for some office ideas because the current cluttered situation does not make me happy. It appears that office spaces are either beautiful or functional for the most part.
I could not deal with either of the photos above or just below.

I actually really love this workspace with the built in cabinetry but it's not happening in this house.

Yes, please!
 My plan (that I came up with while writing this) is to repurpose my college-bound daughter's room. Remember the one I gave a facelift in the One Room Challenge?

It looks completely different from this now. My dear daughter has a propensity for pushing all furniture to the walls. *Sigh* Space planning is not her thing. and that little loveseat is buried in clothes.

The desk, now littered with cosmetics, can stay and the bed will be styled as the daybed that it is. I am going to remove the loveseat. I plan to add my littlest girl's easel and play tent so that creative play can happen while I stare at Facebook work. During college breaks I can move the operation back to the kitchen table.
I am excited about this.

Tell me about your workspace.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New artwork at Gregg Irby Gallery

Today I am in Atlanta to bring a new body of work to Gregg Irby Gallery.
Here is a sampling of the 8 large canvases I will be delivering.

"The unraveling" 30 x 40 mixed media

"Sleeping in the midday sun" 48 x 48 mixed media

"Mechanical music" 60 x 48 oil on canvas
Mr. Designdumonde even built me a custom two-tier rack to transport the paintings carefully.
This will be my first visit to the new gallery and I am so excited.
Stop by the gallery if you are in Atlanta!