Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween's over time for X-mas, right?

I am done with Halloween and skipping right over turkey to Christmas. I've known that I was hosting at my house for nearly a year but I did not realize it would be 14 people and that my husband's work schedule might mean that I am on my own for everything. You could say I am in a panic trying to figure out how I can do all of this with little or no help.

World Market HERE
My first stop is World Market for some budget friendly decor. I was so pleased to see the decorations with a charming, vintage feel.


Since I will be setting a large kid's table, I want to really make it fun.
I was thinking of an old-fashioned candy display too.

A few months ago I grabbed eight of these dinner plates on sale. I am so glad I did. I'll be using them instead of my fine, hand wash only china. 
I might do a centerpiece like last year...

I still want a red tablecloth and some cute kid napkins and a sous chef and a miracle.


Nancy said...
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Nancy said...

I know the panic! I've had 50 at my house everyother year for an annual family reunion and the planning is wild. Bake and do what you can ahead and freeze it!
Love your centerpiece. Best of luck dear!
xo Nancy

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

That centerpiece is fabulous!
If I could, that sous chef sounds like a great idea!
While we're at it, a maid to wash and dry the dishes! Wouldn't it be fun to use some of the gorgeous china we have and never use?
Try and relax....I know that's easy to say, but try....
I have never learned how to relax, but I always advise it to everyone!

Kristie Franklin said...

I can't believe it is almost Christmas again and time to get into gear for the holidays. For years I hosted my large family and kids and was exhausted afterwards. I could barely shuffle my feet to get into the bed after all was said and done. It can be so hectic especially if you are working outside the home. I found myself baking every evening and freezing my cookies and anything else I could for the big day. It was always exciting for the kids and that was the best part for me and why I hosted! :)

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Love the vintagey christmas stuff, I'll have to check out world market!