Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Evolution of a living room

One of a pair of mid century Duncan Phyfe style tables

When I bought this house I was sure that I would paint my living room a deep, slightly orange red, just like my last house. I thought I would reuse every bit of furniture in the same way too.
The way it came together surprised me and I only have one thing left to do.

I kept the Duncan Phyfe tables and this wonderful settee. I found that the light was vastly different and my stodgy style was evolving and classics could include modern pieces.
I played with different ideas in my head and settled on Sherwin-Williams Faint Coral, a barely there pink, as the wall color. This color doesn't like having its picture taken. Most of my living room photos look like the walls are beige.
I played with different art work and furniture arrangements, but the layout is tough. There is a very large opening to the entry way and a large set of arches perpendicular to that leading into the dining room.
Here are the things that led to my living room as it is today.

While I was in Culpeper, Va  at Georgie Mae's buying those terrific chairs for my dining room I found something that really took the room in the feminine direction that I was aiming for and it was a huge departure from things I normally like and it surprised even me.

I absolutely had to switch out the lighting. 
There was one of those brushed nickel "boobs" in the living room. I replaced it with  this antique chandelier...

 that I got on eBay for just $250. Those are big box store prices !
Next I bought these chairs,

here you see them reupholstered and repaired after a 5 month battle with the shipping company, which doubled their cost ! :(


Next, I bought more chairs...
at a price that would have me in divorce court if my husband knew.
 Don't judge, it was my own money.
All the while my windows had stupid mini blinds.
I worked in a drapery workroom for awhile and know how to make drapes myself but I just don't have the time or proper setup to "board" the drapes and make them properly, especially with a toddler about.
I bought ready mades and some trim. Read about it HERE.

I wanted Lucite rods but settled for an enormously more cost effective choice.

I snagged the brass-look rods and Lucite finials at Bed, Bath and Beyond for a reasonable price.
Around the same time, I ran into my local Salvation Army and fond this Korean chest for $15.

It serves as a table between the chairs that I, now love to sit in. They are so comfy.
The mirror got propped there and actually works. It reflects the back of the Korean chest that is covered with writing.

Let's talk about the art work.

Above the Bombe chest I have this abstract.

It is one of the few pieces of art that I have not tired of. 

Over the sofa I had this piece by Jenny of MFAMB fame.

I like it but it wasn't doing it for me in the room as a result Helen's room is shaping up nicely for a 3 year-old.
I ended up with a painting that my husband loves and one that came from being in an enormously happy place.
He calls it "ED" The title is "Hatching a charmed life"
It is oddly very difficult to photograph.

Next is an antique, French impressionist painting that I bought for less than $30 on eBay.

I really love it. The frame is new.

I have all sorts of accessories that mean something to me.

The room is full of high and low but almost everything was a bargain like these $15 lamps from Walmart.
Coffee table must go

I totally love the black velvet bolsters I had made

This is pretty much the way it is now.
I know the rug is too small but I love it. The colors are perfect and it was my grandmother's.
The one thing that I hate is the coffee table.
Six years ago I was looking for the Duncan Phyfe style end tables and found an eBay seller locally that had some but they came with the coffee table. I had not even thought about the coffee table situation for my, then new, house so I took it figuring I'd deal with it later.
Well guys, its later and I can't make up my mind on anything.
 There are too many tables that I love.
One of these days I hope to do a gleeful post on my new gorgeous coffee table.

I am happy with the room so far.
What do you think?


My Crafty Home Life said...

I think your room has evolved beautifully. I love rooms collected over time. It just takes time. The coffee table will happen when it happens. I love your black bolster pillows, too.

Nancy said...

This room tells lots of stories, and it is so charming! I love your pieces. So you didn't sell those Brno chairs? I love them in the mix!
Have a great day.

Kris said...

I love rooms that evolve over time. I am constantly changing the placement of furniture and accessories in rooms. Even if it is something small I think it makes an impact.

Gorgeous Bombe chest! :)

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Really wonderful mix, Kerry! I love your Korean chest....great find. Your painting above the sofa is so ethereal. I can see how it would look wonderful with the slight pink walls. Thanks for sharing!
PS - Love the framed view into the dark dining room. Very dramatic!!

My Notting Hill said...

Very lovely and comfortable. Those slight pink walls are so fresh and pretty. Maybe a waterfull lucite coffee table might work?

The Pink Pagoda said...

Your living room is lovely. I think evolved rooms are always the most interesting!