Thursday, July 12, 2012


If you have ever seen the children's movie Wall-e you will recognize M-O the floor cleaning robot that follow mess makers closely, cleaning their tracks. My husband call it "Kerrybot" because I am a clean floor freak. I have mentioned my germaphobia before but floors a another thing all together.
 I thought I'd share a quick tip that keep a dirty floor panic attack at bay, LOL!

This is not a sponsored post. I just like this product. I seriously do not have time to haul out my Hoover Floormate everyday but I do have 5 minutes to clean with this baby. 
This $20 mop has a small tank that sprays. I will tell you upfront, don't bother putting anything but water in it. It will clog if you do.
The benefit is that the microfiber pads are washable and reuseable and you can clean with whatever you like. Sometimes I use just water or a gentle spray cleaner but I often fell compelled to use bleach, especially if shoes have been worn in the kitchen. I know I'm  weird but it really freaks me out to think where everyone's shoes have been.
My girlfriends with young families often express frustration at the lack of time to clean floors properly so I always tell them about this timesaver.
I see crumbs!!! Gotta go! ;)


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I too like a clean floor and found the 4200 sf house of all hardwoods rather daunting. My new little house is so much easier to keep up with, especially the floors! What a relief!

My Crafty Home Life said...

I also like vinegar and water.

Kris said...

Girl, I'm with you! I hate dirty floors. When my kids were little I was constantly cleaning my floors. I would have nightmares about them crawling on the floors and the germs they would come into contact with. We never wear our outdoor shoes in the house EVER. I have a pair of Crocs that are used only in the house. I guess that makes me a germophobic! HA

Nancy said...

I need that right this minute..