Monday, July 2, 2012

Let's play "Guess what this is?"

Do you know what this is? I'll tell at the end of the post.
It is among other things a birthday gift from my husband. Many of you might wonder if he is still alive after one of these as a gift...teehee. 
He is very much alive and I was thrilled to get this for my birthday.
We were antique shopping for another gift and I saw this and loved the shape and the decorative appeal of what was once a utilitarian object. He snuck back to get it and surprised me...sweet.
I am drawn to circular shapes and this guy will be a part of circle central, otherwise known as my family room.

There are circular shapes everywhere in my family room from brass ring drawer pulls to this fabulous, huge, antique coffee grinder turned lamp.

Artist made plate
Several circles appear on the mantel.

This circular bread board was the first item for housekeeping that my great, great-grandparents in England bought.
There are more but you get the idea.
Now what about that birthday present?
It is an antique/vintage well pulley. It is about 12 inches across and heavy. I will be hanging it but a few things have to move around first.

Is there a motif that you keep returning to?


The Pink Pagoda said...

What a thoughtful husband!! I am obsessed with fretwork.

Jean @ Flower Hill said...

It's so sweet that he returned to get something for you that he knew you wanted!

My Crafty Home Life said...

Finally, you ask about something that I know what it is! Happy Birthday, by the way. A friend of mine, has her antique pulley hanging on her fireplace wall. I love it.