Monday, July 9, 2012

Cocktails in the salon

It is a running joke between me and our pals from Pennsylvania to refer to rooms with a pretentious word. Years ago, I insisted on calling their apartment balcony the "veranda" so my living rooms have been referred to as the "salon" with emphasis on the first syllable.
I can't stand formal living rooms that no one ever uses but ours has been mostly untouched until this weekend.

We had cocktails in the living room and I quite enjoyed sitting in that room with old friends.
I was worried that I had failed in the comfortable department and that the room was just not inviting.

I was glad to have those fears quelled.

The dining room got a workout too, thanks to my husband's culinary skill and...

the porch was useable for late night drinks only. It was 103 degrees on Saturday. If it had been cooler we would have been visiting some of the historic sites nearby instead.
This weekend allowed me to really enjoy all of the spaces in my house and vow to use them more.
Do you use every room in your house?


Kim said...

I try to make certain we use all our rooms as well! But we did ditch the formal living room for a larger family room. Mainly because we have so many kids and kids friends all fighting for a tv! I am certain that will come full circle in time! It is so nice to have a little special place to entertain!

My Crafty Home Life said...

We don't use the family room, but we use the living room. Actually, they are both so could change names on them. That is my next project. The heat is making every project take twice as long.

designchic said...

I love having a formal living room - the perfect place for entertaining unexpected guests, since it's usually clean. Your space is so beautiful that I know it was a great place to visit with friends. So glad you had a fun weekend!!

Nancy said...

Hi Kerry,
Sounds like you enjoyed your company despite the heat! It was nasty outside, but so much cooler today! I don't use our dining room so much, but we walk thru it daily to get to the sunroom! I'm at the stage where I'm not liking any room in my home- Im too fickle. It's all these fabulous rooms I see on blogs and interest that I like better!
Have a great week.

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Sounds like you had wonderful weekend with friends. Your ceilings in the living room are so! Wonderful mix of antiques and modern, Kerry. We use all our rooms....some a bit more.

Kris said...

In one of the homes we owned we had a separate living room, formal dining room and family room and I have to say that in the 10 years we lived there, we only used our living room and dining room to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. We spent most of our time in our family room which was half the size if that. It was a much smaller room but felt warmer and more comfortable. :)

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Well, we use all the rooms that are finished. Still waiting on flooring in the salon :) and formal dining room,but since we've downsized significantly, I'm pretty sure we'll use those too! Stay cool!