Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We have a DIY in progress...

"What", you ask, "is this?" They are my ready-made JcPenney curtains getting a little plastic surgery.
It is so unlike me to buy ready-made curtains but my budget has been busted and JCP has extra long drapes at a nice low price compared to custom.
I thought about this for a looooong time. I had plenty of fringe from Brimar (trade only) in the same ivory but it was too granny, I thought.
I contemplated black grosgrain on the leading edge or in a Greek key design like these from LiveLikeYou

but I am just not that confident in my skills.
Then came this Christmas post from Sanity Fair.
Greek key ribbon at Walmart!!!?
I bought both black and white. At $2 and $3 a 9 foot roll I couldn't pass it up.
I decided that the black was a little too much contrast so white it is.

It is reminiscent of sari fabrics and has just enough sparkle for me.
My newly upholstered chairs arrived recently and the combination looks great.

One down, three to go plus a date with an iron.
Now I just need to find rods I like.


My Crafty Home-Life said...

Wow, those are long! Can't wait to see the results.

Kris said...

Great idea! I like the looks of your design! I'm like you as far as my sewing skills able but not a professional...I believe I could do this.