Saturday, December 24, 2011

On the menu...

This year I decided not to mix different china patterns, well not exactly. The china is both Queen's green and Princess green china that my great-grandmother got as wedding gifts in 1920.
The silver place setting is Gorham's Fairfax pattern and also a gift to my great grandparents for their wedding.
I did mix metals. I have brass candlesticks and centerpiece, gold rimmed plates, silverware, and pewter Jefferson cups. I think that incorporates most metals that are available for the table.
I left out crystal this year because I am using a tablecloth and will have a very excited two and a half year-old at the table.
The pewter Jefferson cups are fine for little ones and I doubt wine will be a big part of our dinner.
The first course will be a ginger spiced apple granita in martini glasses. Each person has a different tiny spoon to use for this course.
 I also chose a casual fold for the napkins.
The only incomplete place setting is for the little one. She gets a toy soldier spoon, a fork, and an antique spoon with her very antique sounding name engraved on the handle.

Next will will be eating a salad composee with shallot balsamic viniagrette. I am looking forward to this course. I will be using baby lettuces, tiny olives nicoise, hearts of palm. beets, and feta cheese. Yum.
After that we move on to a roast of beef tenderloin, sweet potatoes caramel, and wild rice.
Cheesecake is for dessert.
After dinner I will "do the dishes" while everyone else goes out to look for Santa. They always miss Santa and arrive home to find their presents under the tree and stockings brimming with goodies.

What are your unique Christmas traditions?

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Karena said...

I love the image of everyone searching for Santa and coming home, and alas they have just missed him!!

We have many traditions, there will be nearly 30 of us this Christmas Eve!

Kerrie, Wishing you and yours all the best in 2012!


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