Sunday, December 11, 2011

Welcoming vignettes

In my own entry hall I have two tables and a chair but no console table.
I have been thinking about ramping up the impact in there, somehow.
Whether your entry decor is modern or traditional, elaborate or minimalist, functional or decorative there needs to be a certain cohesiveness in the vignette.
They are meant to set a mood and welcome.
How functional they are varies.

I am a huge fan of large abstracts above a console.

I love the look of a stool or pair of them under a console but I am not sold on the functionality of them.
I mean really, how often do you plop down at a table styled to the hilt?
What would you do there?

Do you prefer a vignette composed of many things or just a few?
Stools underneath or no?
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An Urban Cottage said...

I think that dining space with all the windows and doors overlooking the water view would be my pick.