Thursday, December 8, 2011

5th anniversary treat

Entrance to Joel Rubuchon Las Vegas
Five years ago today, my husband and I eloped in Las Vegas.
I used to dismiss the idea of eloping in Las Vegas with a wave of the hand and an indignant noise.
He is edited out because he wants to be
I found that that there were actually tasteful venues for this sort of thing.
Our ceremony was everything that it should be, prayerful, elegant and short.
Did I mention how I loved my gown?
I wish I was still so thin
Most Vegas brides looked like the wedding cake itself. Having been a young bride before, I fully understand but this was no time for such things in my world.
After the ceremony we had hours to kill before our dinner reservation.
 We had Moet et Chandon and sushi as a time killer. Pickled ginger and Moet are divine together and continue as a tradition on our anniversary.
We strolled around casinos and then headed to Joel Rubuchon in the MGM Grand Hotel. 
I couldn't help but feel like everything was rather fake and  Disneyland like.
The view from our corner booth
I did not and still do not like the color purple and was put off by the ostentatious look of the restaurant.
 I am no stranger to fine dining in large cities and around the world and did not expect to be surprised.
I must say that this was the finest meal I have ever had, purple notwithstanding.
Eight courses with extras, a smoking amuse d'bouche, little "huts" of foie gras, white truffle slices and golden potato that were our favorite, make this the bar to be met each time we dine at a fine establishment.
No one has come close.
 I am off to Restaurant Eve's tasting room in Alexandria tonight. Fingers crossed.


ArchitectDesign™ said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Yes, I was surprised by dining in Vegas too - the food was delicious everywhere (but expensive! where were the $5 buffets?).
So jealous about Restaurant Eve -one of my favorite restaurants in dc! I was in a wedding last year and we had the reception there -it was EXCEPTIONAL

Karena said...

Happy Anniversary Dear Kerry!! You are always a class act and I adore your gown!

Still many surprises coming up in our amazing 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways!! Including yours!


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