Friday, December 30, 2011

The top ten "scores!" of 2011

Some are posting their favorite rooms and some are posting our favorite posts but here are my top "scores" of 2011. By "score" I mean a unique and most likely inexpensive find for my home.

Number 10.
Antique chandeliers:  2 for $500.
I know five hundred bucks is a lot of cash but when you look at the boring, mass-produced stuff at Home Depot and the like, this was a bargain.

Number 9

Three vintage Vera scarves. I think they were $6 each. This pink one will be a part of my youngest daughter's room, either framed or as a pillow.
Number 8.
My vintage Henckel Harris dining room chairs at $125 per chair. That's less than Pottery Barn prices folks.
They are in pristine condition, meaning no nicks or scufsf on the legs from use.
I think they must have been in one of those houses where they never use the dining room.
Number 7
Well you saw it in the last picture too. It is this antique Oriental rug. It is about 11 feet by 13 1/2 feet and was all of $350 on eBay.
Number 6

Ok, its a little trendy, but it is my style and I won't grow tired of this garden seat that I got for around $90 from They are often much more.

Number 5
This vintage Bombe chest came from the same great antique dealer in Culpeper, Virginia. It was deal at $375.

Number 4 is a category--art
by Linda Monfort
I built an art collection this year or at least began one. Some of what I bought was expensive, some not.
Here is a peek.

Number 3

 Ballard mirror for $2 at a thrift store.
I know, right!!?

Number 2

I am not sure that this totally counts since I did not spend any money on it but I felt darn lucky and that's what this is all about.
Last August Meg from Pigtown-Design hosted a giveaway that I won. Two amazing antique fish knives and  Mark Hampton's  On Decorating.

Drum roll please...
This year's Number 1 score  a Chez Kerry is

Tons of Brunschwig and Fils fabric for a pittance.
I was initially upset at my haste in buying this fabric for $20. I thought it was a waste since it did not work where I planned for it. As I examined it further I realized that I had enough yardage to accomplish many things on my list. I also realized that the retail price was at least $325 per yard-- at best and I had more than three yards all together.
It has become many things, not the least of which is the chinoiserie addition to my rather masculine dining room.

I also scored a few yards of the ark of the covenant Le Lac for $30.

I don't have a plan for it yet. 
The anti score.....
or the most expensive, semi-functional thing I have purchased in recent memory

And wouldn't ya know the most expensive thing I buy, everyone in the house hates except me.

Have a great New Year!
I hope you "score" big in 2012


An Urban Cottage said...

I love the artwork and the fabric is fantastic. Great scores.

Pigtown*Design said...

Holy Smokes on the fabric! and thanks for including me. I am so pleased that you liked everything.

happy new year!