Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Would you, could you?

Would you paint walls black at your house?

If you had asked me the same question five years ago. I would have bristled at the thought.
That would stem from my memory as a very young child of my uncle's black room.

At the time, I lived at my grandparent's with my parents and uncle. He moved his bedroom to a shoebox of a room that was meant to be a workroom or office that was away from all of the other rooms.
He painted the walls black.

The size of the room, lack of windows and his hippie posters made it super creepy to a little kid.

Now I would relish the chance to paint the right room black.

To make it work, it helps to have natural light but it is not necessary as you can create a "nightime" room that is glamorous without it.
The secret is to break up the black with architectural detail, furniture or art.

So... tell me would you?


ArchitectDesign™ said...

no -black is too 'dull' of a color -but the deepest darkest navy blue that looks 'black'(like a rolls royce or good tuxedo) -now we're talking!

Anonymous said...

Don't think I could do it! I would feel like it was Halloween everyday! Much to dark for me!

Magnaverde said...

You bet I would! In fact, every place I've ever lived has had a black room, sometimes more than one. Once it was my bedroom, with flat black walls, shiny black trim & floors, black velvet curtains, a copper-pink rug, and a lot of honey-colored bird's eye maple furniture. My former apartment had an all-black dressing room/book room, with white plaster casts on the wall & multicolored books to liven it all up. In my current place, the entry hall has high-gloss black walls with white trim, and because there's no outside light, so hung a gilt Rococo mirror so it would reflect a Sam Rosenthal painting of Wacker Drive at dusk. Black rooms don't have to be gloomy. My advice? Embrace the dark side. You may like it.

Linda Pakravan said...

I would definitely do it for a client, if that was their heart's desire. I like black furniture though.

Unknown said...

Absolutely dahhling.. would & have! black satin walls with white french trim, white chair mouldings in a former bedroom with a black & white toile this day one of my favorites!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

My next project in my home is an "all white", I don't think I could do black.

The Pink Pagoda said...

I couldn't do it. I love looking at the glamourous photos, but don't think I could live with it. I do LOVE navy lacquered walls with lots of white trim. I'm thinking of a Miles Redd room I could see everyday and not get tired of it. He used red and pink in that room and it was fabulous. If you dare to do it, let me know -- I want to see!

Amy @ Five Kinds of Happy said...

I say YES to black. It's not as dull as we tend to think and can easily be made beautiful and far more striking than other colours! Also it can actually make the room appear more colourful as everything pops on it! Check this post out:


Maybe in a small would create drama!