Sunday, December 16, 2018

A vintage Christmas tree

I decorated my Christmas tree with my 9 year-old daughter this year but I did it like I always decorate it using vintage ornaments. The ornaments are from my grandmother and my childhood. There are real eggs that my grandmother made into ornaments, little dolls, and weird mushrooms in the collection.

There is this little flying thing that must be quite old.

I remember this little Santa from when I was very small.

I believe my grandmother made this egg. 

There is a mushroom with a Christmas elf inside and another egg with an angel in it. I'm not sure what mushrooms have to do with Christmas but there are a few ornaments with mushrooms in them.

This little doll looks a bit rough and she's gotten rougher over the years but it cracks me up that a little angel is so bad looking. I used to tell my children that she was a naughty angel and that is why she looks the way she does.
There are also a few fun shaped ornaments that don't really look so great but I still hang them each year.

My tree full of vintage ornaments is so pleasing to me.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

My must-haves

I am just sitting here sipping my coffee this morning thinking about things I can't live without. Coffee used to be one of them but I just don't drink much of it anymore. Yesterday I skipped it altogether.
In terms of beverages I do love this glass.

I have a set and I use them everyday. I've even broken a few but they are so inexpensive that I just grab a few at the store.
I'm sure I'd be fine without them but I do really like them.

This may seem a bit odd but I love my dishwasher. Yup, it's that good.

I have a Bosch dishwasher that is a few years old but cleans everything off of my dishes. I've never had one that was so awesome. I had no idea such a thing existed and I won't ever buy another brand.

Another thing I don't know if I could live without is white towels. They have to be white.

Not red or blue or any color but white. 

I love my wool Oriental rugs as well.

I have little ones and a very large one and a few in the middle. My house would not be the same without them. You can find quite a few on Etsy or eBay. That is where I got most of mine.

My art collection is pretty important also.
I have quite a few pieces from artists you may know.

Sally Kelly

Christina Baker

Jenny Andrews-Anderson

Linda Monfort

These are just a few photos of my art collection.

What can't you live without? Tell me in the comments.