Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Feeling trad

Yesterday, after an audible sigh, my husband said, "You want all traditional furniture, don't you?

"So you've gone over to the old side?" he continued.

Yes. Yes I have and I want nothing more in my house than chintz slipcovers, old wood, and a few fussy and/or crusty accessories. I want no more slick mid-century pieces. No more eclectic mix ala Domino or Lonny. I want cozy, practical and pretty things.
You? Do tell.
This post is created especially for Raina, who I think has the same longings.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Summer into Fall with art

I don't exactly change my decor with the seasons. Maybe my choice of tablecloth varies by season but nothing specific. The seasons do inspire my artwork though.
I have been using my vacation pictures, both old and new, to inspire a series of casual, almost primitive set of watercolor paintings.
The beach scene above sold in the blink of an eye via social media but I am working on more.

These sailboat paintings are a tiny 4 x 5 mounted on 5 x 6 rag board.
It is pretty tough to think about warm, cozy Fall when the temps are still in the mid-90s but I was asked to contribute to an October show at the Corner Gallery in Norfolk, Va.

The theme is color and form so I have three figures just waiting for hanging day.

Incorporating colors I rarely use is a good way to stretch artistically.
This abstract has the summery title, "Tigerlily" but I think the colors bridge the gap between the seasons.

How do you decorate for Fall?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Kid Chinoiserie and stripes

School starts today in our neck of the woods. I was glowing with pride when my six year-old asked for pink Chinoiserie dragons when I was designing a front page for her binder.
I also created stickers with her name and a pink Chinoiserie dragon for folders, composition books and other small items.
On mega sale HERE

My neighbor pointed out that she wears navy and white stripes like it's her uniform. Huh? I never noticed. I looked and she has a vast collection of striped clothing.
 Before we went on vacation I ordered two scarves from MDS Stripes.

My plan was to be striped scarf twinsies at the beach but I ordered a day too late to get them in time. I think I can incorporate them in to her back to school, Chinoiserie, preppy, stripey look. 
I am loving her style.
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Thanks !!

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