Thursday, March 21, 2019

A dreamy powder room

How do I get the power room I want? I ask myself this almost daily.
I need gloss black paint and a marble sink  with brass hardware and a modern toilet. The toilet is important. It must not have any sides that I'd have to lean over in about three inches of space to clean.

I'd top it off with a tiny chandelier like this one.
Then I'd add a painting with feeling like this one called Black Palm.

It's pretty moody but in a tiny little powder room I think it works.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Working with designers

As an artist, I feel lucky to have worked with many designers on showhouses or just really awesome houses.

This is the Junior League of High Point Showhouse and a room decorated by Lisa Mende. She did the kitchen and the dining room and even the mudroom!
That is my painting behind the lamps.

I also worked Lisa Mende and Traci Zeller on their study for the Ronald McDonald House.
My Painting is titled "Cocoon". I love this space and you should have seen the before shot!

I helped Traci with the artwork for this house in Charlotte NC.

I also helped her with artwork for Homearama.

I did four nudes for Lisa Mende's bath in a showhouse in San Francisco.
They are small but you can see them in this photo.

Working with designers is a lot of fun for me. They know what they want and how to tell me what they want. The special part is that they will then have the space photographed and I get to see my artwork in a stunning interior.