Wednesday, February 27, 2019

A lot can change

In one month, this month, a lot has changed in my art career.
I left Perigold and started to inquire about Chairish. Cherish is a website that sells new and vintage pieces of furniture and artwork to the public and designers. Next I had a phone call with Chairish. They were fantastic!
They took me on right away and now are working on adding me to their featured artists list.

Next Mitchell Hill and I parted ways. I still think everyone there is sweet and professional but it was just not working. I immediately submitted to the gallery, Trager Contemporary in Charleston, and was surprised to get a reply the next day. We set up a meeting and I went downtown with a few paintings and Voila! a new gallery space for me.

I have also been working on a commission for a designer in the Boston area.

So to say a lot can change in very little time is an understatement for me!