Friday, February 24, 2012

Toot!--that was my horn

Let me explain. This perfectly charming entry vignette is in blogger, Morgan's new home.
A while back, I noticed traffic to my Etsy store coming from her blog, Oh Captain, My Captain.
I wondered why and went on over to investigate.

She bought this painting from me and did a post about it. HERE
I was super flattered.
I continued to read her posts.

She just bought and moved into this darling house. I believe it is her first time owning a home.
She and her fiance made amazing progress before moving in. HERE
Which brings me back to the first image. She did a post on the newly complete decor in her entry and there was the painting I did. I was thrilled to see it in place in her very lovely house.
Thanks, Morgan!
There. I tooted my own horn.


An Urban Cottage said...

Your painting looks great there. Love the trimmed out panel work too.


I know that put a smile on your face:)

bestie said...

your painting is gorgeous and looks like it has found a perfect home!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, I must go check out your shop!