Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mixed metals and new tables

I love to mix fun things in with unfun things. Who doesn't, right?
Well, I had the occasion to brave summertime 95 traffic, albeit on a Monday morning, to take my daughter to her college orientation and then make the roundtrip again on Tuesday.
A quick stop at the nearest coffee shop on Monday had me peering into the window of Random Harvest. I knew the Old Town Alexandria location but this section of Arlington, while unfamiliar, is now a favorite.They were not yet open at that hour but I knew my Tuesday trip might just be timed right for a visit. The visit proved worthy. It is a lovely mix of old and new and quite affordable for a place of that quality, I thought.

Most of my furniture is vintage.
It's funny how changes happen to a house and it's decor. Things got shuffled about for painting this room and adjacent ones and I discovered things I wanted in different places. I needed a table next to this chair, which is my perch for the rare occasions I watch TV. We tried a few we already have and I got a feel for the correct size. I was positive I would find something online or at Homegoods and my impatience almost won. Mr. Designdumonde had the winning words with , "I don't care what kind of great deal it is, I don't want any furniture that we don't love and intend to keep." Wise indeed.

Nesting tables- Random Harvest

This fantastic set of metal and stone tables was indeed a deal at $295 for the pair but one I will not tire of anytime soon and I feel comfortable that they could move to other rooms in my house..or next house as the case may be. 
As I photographed these I also noticed how much I loved the casual feel mixed metals can lend to a space. 

Table  from CB2

 The polished chrome of this table and the polished steel of my original vintage Brno chairs mixed with the brass accessories and the legs of my mid-century console really keep the room interesting to me.
 I also love the high-low mix and it happens to be the only room we allow toys in. 
Toys? What toys? It was a great laugh that I was able to photograph this with minimal tidying and still keep the pink Lego box out of the shot.
If you are local check out Random Harvest at one of their 4 locations and on Facebook

Thursday, June 18, 2015

An art-filled little girl's room

You may have seen this lovely watercolor by Ellen Levine Dodd on Instagram. It is the newest piece of art in our collection and was a birthday gift from Mr. Designdumonde to our daughter for her 6th birthday. Seems like a strange gift for a 6 year-old but we have worked to fill her room with art and she has requested some of it.

Quite a few pieces are my own but I do my best to add variety.

On the console to the left is one of my many pieces by Sally Kelly. These were the start of the collection in her room.
A flower painted by her older sister and one of her own also add to the vignette.

Above the console table is a newer abstract of mine. I originally had a painting by Jenny Andrews there but the scale was wrong and it looks far better just outside the door on our newly painted gray walls, hinting at the art to come.

Above my daughter's bed is a painting I did years ago but just could not part with.

Curtains - Serena and Lily
Beds - Antique
Side chair - vintage
Wall color- Benjamin Moore Key Pearl
Bedding - Martha Stewart and custom
Console -Target

These tiny watercolor paintings are just gorgeous. You can get your own at Anne Neilson fine art, Serena and Lily or by contacting Ellen.

Monday, June 8, 2015

House stuff

I recently finished this neutral 48 x 60 painting and plopped it on my mantel. My husband has not been liking grayish abstracts on our newly painted SW-Repose Gray wall but he is loving this one.
It is just a few feet from the sconce that was finally put up.

The whopping $50 expenditure seems like it was a good deal. I had my concerns but the 25 watt bulb glows nicely and the shade, now stabilized, does not wobble. We like the light that gently glows from the sides and casts both an up and down light all without being able to see the bulb while descending the staircase.

Bit by bit, we are getting closer to that "For Sale" sign being out front.
I will be tackling that orange wood banister next week.