Thursday, December 17, 2015

A budget bath makeover-before and after

Between the multiple visitors coming this Fall and selling our house, we decided it was time to give the ugly second bath a facelift.
You will see no marble or high-end finishes here this is a budget makeover. I'll let you in on the jaw dropping cost at the end.
First some before shots that were taken before we moved in.

This view is from the hallway

This is standing in the door from my daughter's room
 This small bath is separated into two rooms and is accessed from both the hall and my daughter's room. I would have liked  to change that but the time involved is just not worth it unless we stay here.

The view from what is now my daughter's room. Check out that awful floor.

The junky medicine cabinet was replaced with a towel ring and new towel bars were added.

All of the doors in our house have been painted black. The walls are SW Repose gray at 75%.
A new shower curtain  and curved rod helped freshen the look too.

We re-grouted and caulked the tub and replaced the hideous vinyl floor with a wood look vinyl. A light fixture next to the shower was also changed because the old one had corroded as did the previous shower curtain rod.
We did not replace the vanity, faucets or light above the vanity. I think the faucets might be switched out in the future but this was enough of an upgrade for the moment.
The cost was $350 for the new hardware, flooring, paint and shower curtain!

Friday, December 4, 2015

A few posies to brighten the day

My favorite time of year to buy flowers is when the days begin to get chilly. The bright colors and greenery erase the gloom in the air.

 I buy my flowers at various grocery stores. Years ago, I worked for a florist that owned the distribution center for the area and the grocery stores got the best flowers first.

I often buy fresh flowers and photograph them for some inspiration for paintings. I find that they are more often than not a primary inspiration.

Last year I used roses for my Christmas eve dinner centerpiece.

I also used roses in several places around the house this year for Thanksgiving.