Monday, October 31, 2011

chinoiserie on the cheap

Four of these Blossom plates from World Market $19.99

Chinoiserie detailed items aren't always in the hundreds of dollars, in fact there are plenty that are widely available at really low prices.

This Midnight Willow pattern also at World Market. Dinner plates are $6.99 with equally modest prices for other pieces.

$29.99 at Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby? Yes, if you have one nearby, go to their site first and print a 40% off coupon.

$19.99 at Hobby Lobby
They have a nice collection of blue and white chinoiserie porcelain.

$26.99 at Target
 Don't forget to put some style outside with the Pagoda bird feeder from Target or several of their cranes.


Maybe it's the wrong time of year but these outdoor pillows from Target are the bomb at $24.99 a pair.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Catherine Nolin Art

The Emperor's Room by Catherine Nolin
Interiors, history, iconic paintings, chinoiserie, fabulous furniture and accessories all make their way into Catherine Nolin's paintings. What's not to love?
Visit her Etsy shop to see better images and more gorgeous rooms.

It is hard to choose a favorite.

The detail is amazing.

Which of Henry VIII's wives is this?

Spot Van Gogh?
This is my favorite at the moment-- Can you name the painting and artist?

All of the fanciful details and vibrant colors really have my eye lingering on each one.
Do you have a favorite?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Block printing

I have been wanting some simple block printed fabrics for something. I don't know what. I just know I really like them.
I saw some vintage Indian blocks in a store and I've been wanting some ever since.
A quick look around Etsy revealed it as a better source than eBay.

My first block print
I haven't actually made anything yet beyond a sample swatch and I am waiting for a second very tiny block that I think will be nice to fill in the areas between the larger design.

tiny block yet to arrive
not my hands
I don't know anything about traditional inks and techniques used, so some research is in order.
I used lightly thinned acrylic paint, let it air dry and heat set it in the dryer.

not me either
 I have visions of long bolts of beautifully stamped fabrics.

I think I'll start small. Maybe a pillow or tablecloth.
Have you ever painted or stamped fabric?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yesterday's project and paintings

between two ladders--my kitchen floor is ugly, huh?

It's been months since I got two antique chandeliers on eBay to replace the ugly builder fixtures in my house.
Yesterday we (my husband) hung the second one. It first required being suspended on a broomstick between two ladders so I could get it ready.

Add caption
I had to add crystals that were removed for shipping and tighten the arms that were loosened to fit it into its crate.
Let me just say that this thing was freakin' HEAVY!
I actually hurt my shoulder trying to hold it up while my husband did the wiring. Speaking of wiring, the old wiring in the chandy is a bit dodgy and it shorted and blew a breaker first try.

almost finished project
Needless to say, I won't won't be leaving it on when I go to bed. One bulb went missing and another arm needs to be straightened but there it is and I'm happy.

On another note, I just added two paintings to my Etsy shop, DesignduMonde.
"A girl like me"
They are both 8 x 8 on paper and will need framing. They are also only $10 with free shipping in the US.
Updated: This 11 x 14 on canvas for $40

1,2,3 You tell me

I'm posting three pictures with no comment of my own and I want you to tell me what you think.
The last three images I post will be brutally critiqued by me. Fun, eh?
Number 1.

Number 2.

 Number 3.
Feel free to pick apart the details of what you love and/or hate about each,
Here are mine.

Totally lost me with the beaded fringe, the overall color scheme is not too bad but maybe too matchy.

HGTV strikes again. barf.

I would be thrilled to be in this room. If I could eat in it too, bonus!
Which is your favorite?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend DIY fun

Today I did a quick project with some of my fabric scraps. I love these fabric coasters because they are absorbent, free, and don't stick to the bottom of your glass.
I made a set out of my leftover Brunschwig fabric a few months ago.
For some odd reason, my two year-old thinks they are evil and hides or throws them away. I only have three left. Here is how I made more.

I start with 5" x 5" squares of fabric and squares of interlining the same size. I have my drapery work room send me my scraps from projects. Patty always sends me a few extra bits too.
First you put the right sides of fabric together with the interlining on the outside. If you don't have interlining, flannel or felt will work.

Next you sew three sides about 1/8 inch in.

Turn it right side out and use a pencil or chopstick to poke the corners. They need help to be crisply pointy.

Its a lot like making a pillow. You turn your open edge in about 1/4 inch and topstitch the side. You can pin it or iron it if it helps. I am too impatient.

The final step includes topstiching the entire perimeter. This is where it is tough for my grandmother's vintage sewing machine. My seams aren't always perfect because of the thickness at the corners but they are just coasters after all.

I'm not crazy about matching things but I'm just hoping the little one does not think these are evil.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday finds - late edition

Etsy why do you taunt me?
After receiving a shocking cell phone bill, courtesy of my two teens, here are a few lovely items that I will not be buying but you can.

  Pair Stiffel lamps $399 HERE

So cute. HERE

 I need you Ben Seibel candle holders--sob sob. HERE

These pastel salt cellars have Spring written all over them but would make a elegant way to serve jams or other condiments individually any time of the year. HERE
 Have a lovely weekend.

All yours for the modest sum of...

5,250,000 Pounds or $8,286,075.00

This English Lake District property description reads...
A fine Lakeland country estate enjoying a dramatic setting to the South Eastern shore of Lake Windermere, believed to date to the 1400's and which has remained in the same family since 1804. The estate is set in approximately 105.4 acres with 707 yards of lake frontage.

Loving the pink living room

I only wish there were more pictures of the interiors which must be fascinating. Too bad I don't have around 10 million to spend just now.
Do you ever fantasy home search?