Monday, April 9, 2012

Sugar buzz

OK, let's be honest, who ate too much of their kid's Easter candy and vegged out with Pinterest?
I didn't steal any candy, I created a preemptive stash for myself and ate too much of that!
Then went to Pinterest.
First I pinned this...

and was certain that I had to have it... until I saw the giant gold pebble.
 They were both on One Kings Lane. There was a giant silver pebble too.
I thought they would look nice in here...

My living room
I really hate the coffee table I have and will most likely still use a lucite waterfall table in its place.

What table would you put in my living room?
Also did you notice that I changed out the painting?

painting by Kerry Steele
 Oddly enough, they are both the same size but the landscape orientation and simpler frame make this painting of mine seem smaller.
Which do you prefer in the space?
I am trying for a no candy day today, for all of us, wish me luck. I may be found twitching in a dark corner of my house at some point. LOL!
Hope you all had a lovely and relaxing weekend.


My Crafty Home Life said...

I like your previous print above your sofa. I would like to see a brass and glass (I know you have a young one) coffee table. How about an vintage marble that you could paint the frame white? Good luck with the "no candy".

Kris said...

I like the previous painting too. It seems to go with the surroundings better. As for a coffee table, I don't think I would be someone to ask. After having one for years, I have now opted for an ottoman that matches my sofa...great for putting my feet up or a tray for coffee etc. Call me lazy I guess!

Glad you had a great Easter. I didn't have to purchase any this year so I don't have the temptation. Jelly beans are really hard for me!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Kerry, I love your living room! That sofa! Those chairs! The rug! And your artwork is lovely!I would take either painting and happily put it anywhere in my home!

The Pink Pagoda said...

I like the painting by you better, but the other one better over your sofa. It ties with the rug. Your living room is gorgeous! You're so good with color. I think the Harrison table by Jan Showers would be stunning in your room!!! It's the table I covet deeply, but can't have as it's seriously expensive : (

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

The colors of the first painting work better but I like the unframed piece - it is a beautiful piece. Less wood in the room lightens up the space. Stunning gold pieces from One Kings Lane.


I love the new picture! I can see that everyone has a if fervent opinion:). I got a waterfall coffee table about 6 months ago. Iam happy with it. Of course I had my old one for 16 years!!!

Jane said...

I love both pictures. However ever I prefer the first picture due to all the colors for this particular room. Can it be turned landscape.

As for the coffee table; so much wood, dark wood. Would you consider painting or refinishing?