Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Artist Claire Desjardins

cropped to protect the artist's interest
I have been digging Claire Desjardin's art since I first saw it pinned on an art board on Pinterest.
Her art is for sale on Saatchi online and her portfolio is a truly cohesive body that I find very engaging!
When I was looking at the image above my first thought was that I love the way she treats paint like paint. In other words, she embraces its properties and then I read her statement about the piece. It follows....

"I had just bought a couple of new (and expensive) jars of cadmium orange and red. I was longing to slurp the paint onto the canvas. This was the result of my engagement with my new paint."

I love it. In fact  it might be the most compelling bit of art I have seen since I found Sally King Benedict and her work.
Here are a few of Ms. Desjardin's fabulous pieces.

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Habanero by Claire Desjardins

"Boys get tough" by Claire Desjardins
"Urban Blue" by Claire Desjardins
I never feel like I am in competition with other artists in the marketplace. Maybe that is foolish on my part but I don't think its the same as owning a 7eleven or something. It is just a matter of being oneself and finding the person who likes that particular expression.
 I urge you to look at Claire's portfolio HERE and tell me what you think.
I don't know her or receive any compensation for sending some art love her way so speak freely with your opinions.

I have "Spring into action" work to finish up tomorrow so that my post is ready for Thursday's progress report. No Wednesday post.
 I am hoping to post 2 videos of my framing how-tos, but they are not done yet, so no promises.


The Pink Pagoda said...

I am also a fan of Claire Desjardins. I love your attitude about artist competition. You are right!

Laurie said...

Oh I am pinning away on this one. Love her work!

Nancy said...

Thanks for introducing me to Claire. I love her work. Good luck on your projects!