Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Any ideas?

I am rather enamored with this vintage rick-rack trim that my mother in-law gave me.
Several years ago, she gifted a trove of vintage patterns, craft fabric, trim, ribbon and other notions.

I feel like doing something with them, but what?
It is not as though I am at a loss for activities but these are so fun I want to use them.
I don't want to trim pillows and there is not enough to trim drapes.

I thought about a lampshade.
Putting it out there for you folks, who are so creative...
Any ideas?


Karena said...

I like your lampshade idea. The blue and white I can see edging plain white pillowcases for your bed.

It would be fun to see images of the rest of your collection of trims, etc.

Art by Karena

An Urban Cottage said...

That rick-rack is the nicest I've ever seen. Rick-rack has a definite a vintage vocabulary so I think you need to be careful how it's used. Maybe to edge a linen apron.

Kris said...

Really pretty rick rack. Love the blue color and the pattern. It reminds me of something tribal. How about using it to trim a tote bag with a fabric to complement it or to trim out a guest hand towel or tea towel?

I'm sure you will find some way to use it as you are so creative! I hope you will do a post on how you decide to use it.



My Crafty Home-Life said...

Edge a table runner, the bottom edge of a chair or along a powder room valance?

Cathy Wall said...

Some great ideas...in addition, how about these?
*Trim the mat in a picture frame
*Edge a memo board
Visiting from My Craft Home Life and now following!
Cathy @ Room Rx

Suzy www.savedbysuzy.blogspot.com said...

Hi Kerry, I'm a new follower from My Crafty Home Life. I'm glad i found your blog!