Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mystery solved

Well, I moved in 13 months ago but my books and magazines are still boxed. It doesn't stop me from rifling through them once in awhile. This is mostly because the library is still not built. It is a huge project that my husband insists on doing himself. When he is going to do this is not the mystery that I solved. 
It is the fabric over my sliding glass door.

I just found a special BH & G "Window and Wall ideas" from 2005 and the first image was in a spread featuring Washington D.C. designer Stan Kelly.
The fabric is Robert Allen toile on linen on his window and mine.
The annoying part is that I bought it at a local retailer of discount decorator fabrics called Fabrics Unlimited and they are funny about telling you the manufacturer of some fabric sbut not all, go figure.
Don't get me wrong, I've gotten some great deals there, like the fabric for these chairs for $3. 20 a yard!

It just bugs when they are secretive about some fabrics and others have the name right on the selvage. They even had the fabric content wrong. It was listed as cotton but I knew it was linen. 
Anyway, I just had to have it,  at $20 a yard I suppose it was a bargain.

It was exciting to see it in a magazine even if it is a 7 year old magazine.


Kris said...

Hi Kelly,

I took your advice and paid the House Fabric a visit. Boy, did I ever score a great bargain. Have I ever told you how much I love a great bargain? Anyway, I was able to purchase a yard remnant of this gorgeous LeCoq toile fabric that was made in France. It was originally $110.00 per yard!!!

It is a script rooster fabric and it is so pretty. I have already received it and made 5 tea towels out of it. It is soooo sweet! I'm going back to check the sale bin again right now!!

You have a pretty toile on your window and sound like you got a pretty good deal on your fabric!

My Crafty Home-Life said...

Toile is timeless! So, no matter how old. Is that your home you are in now, or your former home?