Thursday, January 19, 2012

Curtains on the brain

I am always thinking about curtains. I mean, really hardly a day goes by that i don't ponder what would look best or better here or there in my house. Sometimes I "fix" other people's drapes in my head.
It's a problem I know.
Let's take a closer look at this affliction.

Curtains with inverted pleats (as seen above) are something I would love to have but they require 3 times the width to make one panel. 

That equals beautiful fullness and a price tag to match.
They remind me of old-fashioned couture dresses.

Adding some great trim like this would be even more fabulous.

These have a Parisian or French pleat that is much like a standard pinch pleat but joined at the top rather than the center.

Standard pinch pleats are fine but lately they bore me.
All types I have talked about so far can go on rings or a traverse rod. There are also decorative traverse rods that are made to look like rings and function like a traverse.

This smocked top is so girly and brigs a lot of attention to the top of the curtain.

These rod pocket panels are the least expensive and easy to make. The photo illustrates how they are constructed but they really don't have to look that crappy.

Tab tops are my least favorite.

Or maybe grommet tops are. Either way I don't like either.
They just don't seem tailored enough.

I have been dreaming of white linen panels just like this on rods just like this in my blue bedroom.
That means I need to get out the sewing machine, take a few deep breaths and get it done.

Do you have a favorite?


Kris said...


Yes I do! I could do the inverted pleats ( I really love these) but you are right...sooo much fabric and sooo favorite would be the French Pleat. I'm with you on the tab and grommet. They are also my least favorite.

I love the looks of a full drape that puddles the floor some. sigh...

I have my sewing machine out but no fabric! HA

Karena said...

I love inverted pleats which I have on my valances, then in the dining a wide rod pocket with the fabric flipped over into two wide pleats. I probably should email you images, I think it is hard to picture.

Unfortunately I do not sew, because I would love something beautiful in my bedroom.

Art by Karena!

Ivy Clad said...

I love draperies! Smocked is probably my favorite, the pinch pleats that are pinched at the top, I like as well. Not so crazy about the grommets though. Silk and linen are my fab textiles. Have fun sewing!!

My Crafty Home-Life said...

I love the inverted, too! Did you get to B,B & B? I am thinking about ivory burlap for my bedroom.