Monday, January 2, 2012

Guest post--British colonial bedrooms

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Hi everyone! I'm Jessica from Arcadian Lighting, a website and blog where I get to write about the latest in interior design and all the different types of lighting fixtures that go with them. I'm delighted to be guest posting for Design du Monde today because I'm going to be sharing some beautiful British colonial bedrooms. British Colonial style emerged during the 19th Century when the British empire expanded across the globe, reaching parts of India, Africa, the Caribbean and China. British colonists incorporated familiar décor from their home country with the exotic styles they found in their new exotic locations. I hope you find these bedrooms inspiring!
British Colonial
The handsome panel molding and rich tones of this bed are perfectly English, while a zebra skin rug and Chinese pottery add an exotic flare.
British Colonial
I love the tropical accents in this bedroom vignette. Warm colors, bamboo details and botanical prints draw the mind to faraway locations.
British Colonial
The makeshift bamboo frame of this canopy bed looks like an authentic British Colonial find. The collection of Chinese pottery, a Persian rug and zebra print pillowcases add lots of texture and romance to the room. The warm yellow lamps above the headboard look beautiful against the dark red wall color.
British Colonial
This luxurious bedroom has a more subtle British Colonial influence. Canopies made of lightweight cotton or netting were an essential defense against mosquitos in the humid countries that were under British rule. Floral pillows and textured rugs add a tropical feel.
British Colonial
High ceilings, vast open windows and the always necessary mosquito netting make this room a wonderful example of British Colonial design. The ebony furniture is so gorgeous against the white fabrics.
British Colonial
I love the fresh, feminine feel of this British Colonial bedroom. The four poster bed in dark mahogany is classically English, and the high ceiling and ceiling fan are good reminders of the tropical environment outside.
British Colonial
A more modern interpretation of British Colonial, this bedroom is fun, vibrant and fresh. The colorful patterns blend well together, and the tropical ceiling light and bamboo bed frame are wonderful exotic touches.
British Colonial
This bedroom wall is filled with travel ephemera from top to bottom, each reminiscent of the 19th century and the British Colonial empire. Vintage suitcases and tennis rackets are very English touches, while an eclectic variety of taxidermied animals,a zebra skin rug and painted portraits give off a very well-traveled and masculine feel to the room.
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I hope these rooms have inspired a bit of wanderlust, and maybe even the desire to redecorate your bedroom in the British Colonial style. Be sure to check out Arcadian Lighting, where you'll find traditional light fixtures and much more.


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John Moore said...

LOOKS GREAT!! Thank you Kerry!