Monday, January 23, 2012

A Friday trip

On Friday morning I had the urge to purge ... my closet. 
I also thought of a few other things that I was on the hunt for and a quick trip to neighborhood stores turned into a minor trek to Ikea.

 Ikea is about 40 minutes away without traffic.
So, armed with my camera and lollipops (they buy a lot of 2 year old time) I headed out.
 It must have been the blue words and yellow arrows that confused me. It's not like I've never been there before but I went the wrong way. Not only did I skip the second floor showroom but I grabbed a weird and totally wonky wheeled cart.
The plan was to look at and feel a LACK side table to guess whether it could be painted.
I also wanted storage solutions--remember the urge to purge.
In all of my brain dead, seriously dumbass stupor, I forgot my camera until I got to lighting.
The saving thought was that I needed to run a few options by my husband.
Right about here I stopped idiot drooling and woke up.

I liked this pendant but have concerns about keeping it clean.

Love but not enough light for my kitchen table.
I looked at so many things and went away with thoughts on...
these ready made linen curtains that would work in my bedroom for $50 a pair.
Interesting aside-- for us "hang 'em high drapery snobs" Ikea  finishes the tops of all curtains (most bottom out at 98 inches) but leaves the bottoms undone. Also for the non-sewing folks they include iron-in hem tape.
Still a tad short for those that prefer a proper 4 inch doubled hem, but it beats the crap out of useless 84 inch curtains.
I also found many lighting ideas that need to be revisited with the hubster in tow.

I recalled O'verlays but could not recall which items they were compatible with.
Double DUH!

It was rather tiring.

But here is what I came home with.

An array of containers to liberate my closet from "dreaded droop" or my name for stacks of clothing and unmentionables that begin to slide about after a week or two and appear droopy.

Tell me this candlestick isn't groovy! I just wish it were orange.

This huge 21 x 21 frame. I used it to frame a vintage Vera scarf.
It was meant for the 2 year old's room but it has become a happy welcome when coming in the garage entrance.
I have another scarf I would like to frame too.
Ikea has frames and then there are real Ikea frames. The former are suited for and displayed in store as a great way to frame giant kid art. The latter are more on par with something you might buy at Bed,Bath and Beyond.
My 21 x 21 frame was only eight bucks but I wanted to make sure I liked it before I went hog wild.

I bought these for the 14 year old girl's room. Two windows at $14.99 each. Yay!
 I neglected to buy hardware there. 
Here is the one very smart purchase.... drumroll...
Somehow in the midst of all that yellow and blue signage I missed the kid area that I promised my little miss.
In my drooling search for LACK tables in the warehouse before the checkouts I saw this cutie for $14.99!!!!!
Santa should be so smart. 
She hasn't stopped playing with it but to sleep or eat.
Bonus for me, it folds flat in literally 2 seconds so I can stash it when I want to be all cool,  like I don't have kid stuff in my house.
I think I am headed back today.


Kris said...

What a sweet little girl soundly sleeping in her car seat! I love her hat!

Your adventure to IKEA sounds a bit like mine was. I once went with my daughter and her friend who was looking for items to put in her new place. We were there ALL DAY. After about 4 hours of walking and looking at things, my daughter and I found a place in the lower level where we could pick up a drink and SIT. Her friend was a bargain shopper and wore us OUT!

I liked the variety they offered. So much to see. It looks like you walked away with some great deals!!

My Crafty Home-Life said...

Ikea is a "I shop alone" adventure for me. I find that no matter how much I bribe them, inevitably I forget something because the "how much longer" chant is way to loud! You know a can of spray paint will fix that white candle holder. Looking forward to seeing the curtains hung.

Hamptontoes said...

Lots of laughs...yes, lollipops buy parents extra time when shopping with little ones. I have never left Ikea empty that store. The easel is one of our favorites in our household. Enjoy your new findings!