Friday, January 13, 2012

Mantel revisited

Fall 2011

I have spent the last several days playing with my stupid mantel.
If you read this post you know about the hole and the challenges the mantel presents

September 2011
The comments left were helpful and my husband and I agree that the hole has to go, but not just yet.
It will have to wait until we paint and with 18 foot ceilings, I am in no hurry.

So please be kind while laughing looking at my trial vignettes.
I was inspired by a post of Michelle's on My Notting Hill
This overloaded mantel was love at first sight. I couldn't do exactly this because of the painting and the hole but I tried a mini version.
No, I don't think so

It was too dark and moody for the room which is a mix of modern and rustic pieces. As it is, I think there is too much wood and too much brown, so Ye Olde Curiosity Shop had to go.
 I tried colorful books but the result was laughable and cluttered in appearance.
Next came a few that did not even warrant photos.
Yesterday I found the swirly wood sculpture thingy and this morning remembered a few things that were packed away. So I tried the above arrangement. At some point there was a green beaker vase but I must have forgotten to snap a photo of that abomination.

Next came the sparse look.
This was better but really too sparse.

Adding another circular element helped by repeating the circular shapes in the painting and the adjacent lamp.

This is where it stands 13 January, 2012
**In the hour since I posted this I added one small tweak. Moss covered balls for an extra layer and texture.**

I really would have preferred more color but it was not to be had in my shopping trip yesterday, which was a four hour shopping trip with a two year old.
My other thoughts were to frame the painting and possibly paint or gold leaf the swirly sculpture thingy.
Fire away with your comments!


Karena said...

I love it Kerry. Keeping the mantle more neutral pulls your eye around the the colorful art and that wonderful lamp!


Art by Karena

Kris said...

I'm not much on decorating a mantle and always had trouble too. I usually placed framed artwork above the mantel centered directly on the wall and then tried to fill up the space. Somehow, for me, not having the painting sitting directly on the mantle helped me visualize better on what I could set upon the mantle.

I know I am not much help!

You deserve a medal for shopping with a two year old for 4 hours! Bravo!

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

Actually, I think the hole being so dominant is more a result of the mantle itself being so close in tone to your walls. If you painted out the mantle a darker colour, the darkness of the "hole" would transition better, and the whole fireplace would look larger. I LOVE that painting above your fireplace, btw.