Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bringing the beach inside--literally

When I saw this cover of Elle Decor's Special Issue I thought the photo must be of a party shack set up for a celebrity fete.
It is in fact a retreat in the coastal, Portuguese town of Comporta. What struck me most was not the trendy slipcovers or vernacular construction of the building, but the floors.
I shuddered at the practicality of such a thing. Many years of beach vacations with sand in places that it did not belong worried me.
But it charmed me too.

I suppose the slipcovers would be easy enough to shake out and a stray crumb would be less noticeable.
The cottage is in fact quite high tech. The floors are heated and all fittings quite modern amongst the charm of a traditional fishing hut.
It seems like the ultimate in casual living, which is what a vacation should be.
I felt much better knowing that the floors of the bedroom are a different material.

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Ivy Clad said...

Oh Wow!! Yes, I think I might like the sand in an outdoor cabana. Indoors might get old, but the concept is still cool, in a very funky sort of way. I think I would love to live with seagrass flooring though for a bit of natural fiber on the floor!