Friday, January 6, 2012

Curtains, a Blogiversary, and thoughts on quality

Finally, we got my living room curtains hung yesterday. It was after much cajoling and a few threats that my husband got to work on them so the light was not right that late in the day but you'll get the idea.
You may already know that against my better judgement I bought ready-made curtains from JCPenney. I had bought curtains there before and thought the quality was very good for the price. Now I'm not so sure.
I got Chris Madden faux silk panels that are lined and interlined.
First the good things: They were on sale and I use credit card points to get store gift cards, so they were nearly free.
The faux silk facing material looks nice.
The rod pocket was a consistent and correct size.
Now on to the problems: The lining and interlining were were of very low quality.
There were no corner weights.
Worst of all the interlining was not cut or sewn in straight which makes it so that it stretches and will not lie flat and wrinkles while ironing.
I wish it was easy to convey to you the difference in construction and quality but its rather a matter of feel.

I am satisfied with the overall look for now. My husband hates the fact that they "break" on the floor. I wish I had made them myself. If I had more 2 year old free time I would have but I use that time for frivolous things like bathing.
The other quality issue concerned the trim I used. I got it at, of all places Walmart. It worked out to $1 a yard.
Are you sensing the "you get what you pay for" theme?
Well lets just say one of the 3 yard rolls was not and since my panels were 108 inches that was a problem.
On a more positive note I love the hardware I bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond. 

I got Cambria adjustable rods and these clear acrylic finials.

In all I like what I got for the money but it will gnaw at me that the quality is not that of every other window in my house as they are all custom. My short stint helping out in a drapery workroom has spoiled me forever.
So eventually I will pony up the hundreds of dollars and get some proper curtains for that room.

In other news, today is my two year anniversary blogging, albeit not entirely under this header. I started out with Good Taste Good Tasting with the idea of a food AND design blog.
Not so good.
I mean to resume posting over there about food only but its somewhere farther down on the "to do" list.

I am going to go bask in "doneness" of my living room. It is basically as done as anything ever is in my house. I do want to change the coffee table and add a few other small touches but to the untrained or not crazy, design obsessed eye, it looks done.


Kris said...

It is so hard to try to find decent drapery without paying an arm and a leg for it. I've just started sewing little things...nothing large as I am afraid that I would waste the fabric on a number of errors trying to get it right! Unfortunately, I am a perfectionist and that in itself is hard to deal with! LOL

It seems like it would be fairly easy to make drapes (I'm talking pole type not pleats LOL ) but whenever I think I might be brave enough to try it, I "chicken out". I think your drapes turned out beautiful, far better than mine would have had it been me working with ready made drapes.

Great job!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Well, from the photos the curtains look good! I ordered some ready mades from overstock a few weeks ago and they look really promising. Good quality lining and weighted hems. I haven't put them up yet, so the verdict isn't completely in yet. Fingers crossed!

My Crafty Home-Life said...

They do look good in the photo. I am getting some ready-made today. I also worked around custom drapes for a minute. I can't justify that for myself. Bed Bath & Beyond is discontinuing a line of real silk drapes. So, they are half price and always use that 20% coupon. This post does remind me that I should buy 4 (I only need 2) so that I can guarantee the same length. Now for the trim to customize them...a challenge!

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Michelle Smith said...

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