Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Elevating the ordinary

My grandmother used this set of canisters for their intended purpose as did her mother before.

I prefer to display these sentimental objects. 

Their regular use in the past means they are not in the best of shape and I am missing one lid. That container has become my countertop lollipop storage and beats the bag it came in as a functional container.
I love using vintage and antique containers for all of the ugly, ordinary stuff that would otherwise be on view.

 If you didn't inherit this sort of thing I advise you head out, right now, to each and every thrift store in your area  to look for containers.
Here are a few of my "thrifted" containers and their contents.

 I couldn't stand the ripped Crayola box another second.
 Is it breakable? Yes. Is it precious? No. It is a milk glass cachepot with a chip and it works to hold crayons that were threatening a coup of my family room.

Not terribly exciting but I liked the 50 cent glass and made it hold Q-tips for now. It sits atop an antique butter plate that I used a a soap dish until I put liquid soap in that bath.

 Maybe we are strange (I know I am) but we need an array of pencils, pens, Sharpies and scissors everyday.
I put mine in this large, antique engraved glass jar that I picked up for a buck. It has a minor chip.

 This silverplate candleholder (?) with lid holds scented oils and matches out view but at the ready.

Have you used pretty little things to keep ordinary items?


My Crafty Home-Life said...

You just gave me new ideas for some of the containers that are crowding my closet.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

yes -i do the same thing -even in my medicine cabinet I have teacups which are missing saucers which hold small items. Makes everyday things into 'moments'. Even my paperclips on my desk at work are in a chipped wedgwood creamer.

Kris said...

I love to use mismatched containers for (hiding) or adding a bit of drama in a room. If you are lucky you can find great finds at thrift stores. I like your idea for crayons! The boxes that hold the crayons just don't last very long.