Monday, June 18, 2012

World Market fail

I have been sort of piecing my outdoor space together this year. I bought some orange cushions that actually fit my vintage furniture, at Home Goods. Hooray! This vintage wrought iron furniture was previously on a screened porch and was protected. It now needs to be painted and I have been slowly tackling that. We also needed an umbrella for the table since the deck is on the west side of our house. Without some cover our deck is un-useable.
 Retailers take note: try making outdoor umbrellas in fashionable colors. I do NOT want a beige umbrella!
I found an orange one at World Market for $79 and took my time putting it out since it took me even longer to paint the table and buy an umbrella stand.
When we finally got all of those things together and took out the umbrella there was disappointment. The places where the vent attached to the larger part of the umbrella were ripping and the seams unraveling. This is right out of the package!
It goes back today.
 I am leaning towards an umbrella from Ballard. 
Anyone have any experience with those?


My Crafty Home Life said...

I could use a new umbrella,can't wait to hear what works for you.

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

That is too bad about your umbrella from W.M. I like their price point. I wouldn't want a beige umbrella outside either....would get dirty pretty fast.

Anonymous said...

The only experience I've had with an outside umbrella is one I purchased from Crate and Barrel several years ago. It was an orange, yellow and green stripe and fit very nicely into the hole designed in our table. I had no problem with ripping and seams unraveling. We used it for several years with no problem! I didn't know Ballard sold umbrellas! :)

Kim said...

Oh Kerry ... I have a beige umbrella ... it is snoozeville!! But I had no choice. You are so right, the umbrella people need to jazz things up. There are great colored inexpensive ones at PBarn but I found that just the top vents didn't help. We ended up buying a really nice one from a recreation company. It has two levels of vents. I had two umbrellas get sucked up in the wind and crash down breaking the umbrella and stand! So I went beige.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Yikes. What a disappointment. Mine is from Pottery Barn...going on it's second season and still looks like new.