Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Today's inspiration

I have recently been painting, painting a lot and it seems to come at the expense of blog posts. I don't know if the creativity is getting used up on my paintings or my lack of time and sleep deprivation are to blame.

I thought I would show you a bit of what I am up to. That's the least I can do!

I am working on a landscape... I think. The abstraction is heavy but these are the images that are inspiring my palette.

My canvas is covered with paint but this is only about halfway finished. The photo below is a small section of a large canvas it also just wants to be sideways, but no matter, it is not finished .

Another illustration (pardon the pun) of how I gather inspiration for painting is this Christus Murphy painting. The Pinterest link back no longer works.

Christus Murphy
This painting inspired my painting "Patrician Plan".

They are very different but the color palette was what I liked that day.


My Notting Hill said...

Love lavender and think those scenes will make for a gorgeous painting.

My Crafty Home Life said...

I love lavender. Looking forward to seeing your new work.

Nancy said...

Hi Kerry! I LOVE these 2 new paintings! Ive been seeing a lot of Lavender fields lately, too and I don't know what to do with all that inspiration! I did finally finish that rug, will do a post. Hope you're having a good day. Give helen a squeeze for me.
xo Nancy

Anonymous said...

The lavender photos are great inspiration. I am looking forward to looking at the finished results. :)