Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Everyone needs a little funky fun sometimes

Last night I opened this fabulous birthday present from my mother. It's not my birthday yet but I knew she would want to hear about the gifts before she heads of to Russia.

I knew instantly that my lovely but uptight dining room was the perfect spot for a bit of funky fun from Zimbabwe. I have been meaning to find just the right textile for that table and I wanted it to be a total departure from the very traditional surroundings but also not trendy. Not trendy meant no ikat or suzani fabric.

Maybe I should move the soup tureen

The colors are the same as in my oriental rug so it works in the room even though the feel is completely different.

Speaking of funk.... I am in a bit of a painting funk.

This painting is still a work in progress. I struggled with it for much longer than normal and then just plopped in my mantel so I could decide what it needs and free up my easel.
I am working on sailboat paintings now.

What kinds of funky projects or shopping have you been up to?


Kris said...

Gorgeous table runner. It has the most beautiful design and colors and fits right in with your decor.

I'm not doing much of anything right now...just relaxing and taking it easy through the summer months. :)

My Crafty Home Life said...

I love this stuff, too. It is hard to find "funk" with colors you like.

Kim said...

Love the runner ... and the uniqueness!! I am thrilled you are working on sailboats right now ... you know I am still working with my client to hang one of your pieces above their bed. Keep them coming!!

Nancy said...

That is a great unique runner, just different enough to add spunk, you're so right! I see your mom is into this stuff too? Hope she scores something perfect for you on her trip! I love that looks finished to me! I'll call when I'm back from the beach. I've got a cool field trip idea for us!

Xo Nancy