Thursday, June 7, 2012

Magazine files

For me, one of the mysteries of parenthood has been where to put all of the crap that comes along with having kids. A particular peeve is paper. It is everywhere. It comes from darling little art projects, the pediatrician, school, school and more paper from school.

Lucky for me, my older kids don't bring home that much paper for me to deal with anymore but my little cutie wants to be an artist like Mommy.
There are coloring books and freestyle drawings galore and I am often at a loss for where to put them. Out of desperation I shoved some things that have yet to find long term storage in my "current magazines" file that is out so I can just grab that Elle Decor from last month.
It was an "Aha moment".
 I found some really nice magazine files and that will be home to coloring books and recent crayon portraits of our family.

via Apartment Therapy
If you don't have children to de-clutter after these could certainly be a temporary spot to corral  mail and folded newspapers neatly until you have a chance to look them over.
Yes, there are chicer things in the world but my house is a bit neater now.


Kim said...

De-cluttering the kids paperwork has always been one of my biggest organizational frustrations!! And just when I think I have it down, I can't find anything!!!

Nancy said...

I need 10 of those mag files right now! Cute idea to cover them in fabric. Have a great day Kerry.
xo Nancy

My Crafty Home Life said...

I am a bad mother. I only save a few pieces of art. Sorry kids!

Kris said...

I love the magazine files that you can purchase now. They are so much prettier than the plain ones from years ago. Not only does it help keep things tidier, it is nice to look at too. :)