Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The great monogram debate

I bet you had no idea that there was any debate about monograms. Let me explain. A few months ago I expressed a desire for Euro square shams and made the mistake of mentioning a monogram on them. My husband went on a purist rant about the purpose of monograms.

The rant consisted of information that I originally gave him. You see, monograms were created as a mark for personal items and household items to identify their owner.
Such items that the help might otherwise help themselves to.

Silverware was an obvious target.

Dining chairs...not so much. I even think I once called them ridiculous because the weren't the sort of thing a guest would abscond with.

Today monograms are merely decorative but don't say that to my husband.

He is the monogram police.

He will not like it if you have monogrammed towels or pillows and he won't even talk to you if your chairs (gasp!) are adorned with an initial.
I did not get the monogrammed shams. I just had some custom pillow covers made. That showed him!
The bottom line is that I am regretting the historical information on monograms that I innocently passed along.
I have lovely antique linens and silver with various ancestors monograms but I would like something with my initials and I can't have it without an eternity of remarks on the absurdity of such things.

I did convince him that coolers are an acceptable use of a monogram.

7 comments: said...

The purest in me agrees with your husband. The visual part of me thinks they are so pretty. I don't think you need them on a chair though. Pillows and towels absolutely. Actually I just learned that they were created to keep track of laundry when everyone was washing at the river -- in that case it makes sense to have on pillows and towels. Will that fly with the hubs?

Nancy said...

I love monograms on practically everything, although I am slow to have them in my home. The history is interesting for sure, but it won't keep me from adorning even the most ridiculous things!

Anonymous said...

I have one set of monogram linen hand towels adorned with the initial of our last name. I like to see them on towels but I'm not sure if I would like them on chairs? The jury's out on that one! LOL

Simply Grand said...

Would have Hubby gone off on Napoleon for putting a gigantic gold-embroidered laurel-wreathed N on his chair? I think not.

An Urban Cottage said...

Monogramming adds a language (nonverbal communication) of quality and antiquity as long as it's understate. I monogrammed my white guest sheets in white just to give them a vintage quality. I put my initials on them but I was thinking when I replace them, I'm going to have them monogrammed with a "YOU" just to add an element of humor.

The large and obvious ones are purely decorative and should be avoided unless they're on coolers or koozies. That's a great idea!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Wow, who knew? Love the look of a monogram - kinda graphic, kinda classic. Both sides win!

My Crafty Home Life said...

I have a monogram item coming on Monday...I hope. I love them.