Friday, June 8, 2012

My new obsession with natural cleaning

Love this stuff!

I must admit that I am not averse to old-fashioned harsh cleaning chemicals but lately I have reason to avoid them to a small degree. It started a year and a half ago when we bought our current house. Our master bath has a soaking tub and an enclosed shower with a sliding door, the latter of which, is pretty basic.  No marble, nice tile, and in fact it has one of those yucky textured fiberglass floors.
The first time I had occasion to clean it (15 minutes after the truck pulled in) I naively sprayed  some sort of soap scum/ disinfectant and climbed in for a scrub session..... I almost passed out from the fumes.
I was at a loss and just sprayed the whole thing down with bleach on a regular basis and let the soap film accumulate. *embarrassing*

I figured a no chemical approach was best so I grabbed my old friend "Magic Eraser" or its less expensive knock-off and some baking soda. I happen to believe that this "Magic Eraser" is one of the greatest cleaning innovations in my lifetime but was sad to see it disintegrate along with my motivation at the strenuous scrubbing required on my shower.
These "erasers" are fabulous for no chemical cleaning and will even remove "Sharpie" ink from skin. Don't ask me why I know this.
I digress...

 I remembered my favorite stainless steel cleaner one day and went to work on my shower yet again. It was better but still not ideal.
Fast forward to last week. I made an impulse purchase of this Method product, all the while thinking that I was wasting my money.

I recall the daily shower spray promises of 15 years ago and just thought that this was a natural version of said product.
 Not so.
My shower is clean or at least much better. This fabulous stuff is just a spray a day and the glass door is much better looking without a daily scrub and that stupid floor doesn't look nasty all the time.I am truly amazed.
I still go germaphobe crazy with bleach on a regular basis but I am kinda liking these newer natural products that actually work.

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My Crafty Home Life said...

This is great information. The few times I have tried natural cleaning products, they just did not work that well. Thanks for the info.

Nancy said...

You should have been paid to sponsor this! I need to switch to natural cleansers. I have had the chlorox coma recently that left me headachy for days..insane.
Have a great day my friend!
xo Nancy

Anonymous said...

I have used many harsh chemicals over the years and finding one that can do the job and not knock you out is difficult. I use to use a fiberglass cleaner for tubs and shower doors that Sears made that was fantastic. It cut right through the scum but for some reason they quite making it and I have never found one since? Go figure.

I love Mr Clean Erasers and always have them on hand and use Mrs Meyers for a lot of my cleaning now which is easier on the hands and nose! LOL

The Pink Pagoda said...

Regular cleaning products give me the worst headache. These are great to know about. Thanks!

Karena said...

Kerri I am definitely going to try this product, That is my worst cleaning chore!

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ArchitectDesign™ said...

i use the mrs. meyers products myself -I hate that bleach smell and all of the harsh chemicals! I don't want that industrial stuff in my home! The mrs meyers stuff also smells so good and the packaging is nice. Sadly- they stopped making the lavender shower spray which I used for YEARS on my glass shower doors *sigh*.