Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Story of an English Village

The lighter than usual posting is due to illness moving through our house, now landing squarely on the adults.
I thought I'd cheat and show you snippets of a book I have enjoyed since I was a little girl.
Calling all Anglophiles and Downton Abbey fans!

The book is aseries of lovely watercolor paintings depicting the changes in an English village from Medieval times to modern.
The charm is that on every page there is a half page that when turned changes the picture seamlessly.

There are both exterior and interior scenes all from the same point of view throughout the ages.

I had to photograph the book as my scanner would not have fit enough of each page.
These are amazing picture books that really fit the bill when you are too sick to bother with anything else.
and these...
for Downton fans

All images Copyright John S. Goodall


My Crafty Home-Life said...

Oh, so sorry to hear you are not well. Feel better, I don't think "mom's" are allowed to get sick ;)

Kris said...


I hope that you will be up and about soon. I hate being sick. I love the books and have a book of watercolor sketches by Lesley Holmes that I purchased in 2001. She was kind enough to sign the book. They are sketches of lovely Cotswold cottages. Some are in black and white and some in color. You have just given me an idea to scan these photos and do a blog post.

I have been suffering from writers block and now I have something to write about!

Julie Khuu said...

Gorgeous, they don't make illustrations like they used to...that's why I can spend an entire afternoon at the the smell of aged books!

Hope everyone gets well soon!

Peace. Love. LOL!


The Pink Pagoda said...

What a lovely book! I hope you are feeling better soon!