Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fredericksburg Virginia--Big Flea

I love blue and white but I left this baby behind
Well, that was really annoying.
I had other titles in mind for this post but they all involved swear words.
I wonder if some dealers are mean to Eddie Ross?
So here is what happened. I was a little excited and began snapping pictures of things like this.
Some of the booths had such pretty things. 
Then, over my shoulder the witch from The Wizard of Oz croaked, "Whyyyyyy are you taking pictures?" Oops. I should have asked first.

I explained that I write a design blog and that it often includes art and antiques. I went on to say that I intended to go home and write a post hopefully steering people to the Big Flea.
She rolled her eyes and said  I made her nervous.

Do I look like a thug? Are you nervous when you read my blog?

Onward I went trying to remember to ask permission.
One sweet elderly lady let me take photos of her Quimper that was shockingly expensive.

Next I found a booth with a wide array of porcelain.

The owner grudgingly gave me permission to photograph.


 There were tons of jewelry dealers.

 There was the old book and new cheese dealer. Weird.

One dealer would not let me take any pictures. She had a few nice chinoiserie pieces and some mid-century glass that I wanted to photograph.

Its a freakin' plate, lady!
Is it Amish or something?!!!
I bet this doesn't happen to Eddie Ross.
A very big scary man gave me the third degree when I asked if I could take pictures.
Basically it just pissed me off and made me not want to buy anything.
As I was leaving I heard a dealer saying what a great day it has been for him and that he had a booth at Chantilly (DC Big Flea) every year.
So I asked him what was up with the camera hostility.
He said it was nuts. He couldn't understand that mentality. He said some people fear that you will sell their items on eBay. Number 1, its free advertising and and number 2, you would still have to pay said dealer for an item if you tried to sell it online. 
This is the father and son team, Kevin and Dick Timme.
We shared a laugh when Dad told me on the QT that most people in the antiques business just got out of prison. He was hilarious.
They were the exception to the rule at the Fredericksburg Big Flea--super friendly.
They are based out of Killingsworth, CT and their booth was fairly priced and emptying quickly.
Maybe I'll go back tomorrow and scout out bargains.
If you go, leave your camera at home.


An Urban Cottage said...

Old books and new cheese...made me laugh out loud.

So weird, the picture thing. I've heard that some dealers don't like Eddie Ross coming around because he's with a big group of people that keeps other people away.

Funny post.

My Crafty Home-Life said...

I don't understand it, either. I don't ask anymore...figure I can always apologize. I have a feeling it is about pricing. The more uneducated to consumer...the better for the merchant?

Kris said...


I am so sorry that your day didn't turn out well. I don't understand why dealers are so wary of photos? It doesn't make any sense to me either?? You would think that they would appreciate the exposure and if you decide to purchase something it's your's anyway??

I hope you went back the next day and found something you liked anyway!

Linda Pakravan said...

Next time tell them you are a free lance journalist -- because you are! As are all bloggers.

Pigtown*Design said...

I always ask, and am shocked when people say no. Don't they realize that they're getting free press for their stores? And aren't most store-owners in business to make some money? When I was at the D&D building last month, of all the showrooms I visited, only one said no, and the woman DIDN'T KNOW WHAT A BLOG WAS!