Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

That window was open and we sat inches from it.
The weather was so warm and wonderful, at 70 degrees here yesterday, that I insisted my husband accompany me to downtown Fredericksburg.
We ate lunch at the Capital Ale House and people watched. It was lovely and I got a few peeks in some of the never ending antique shops.

Oddly, our stop at the Salvation Army store on the way, just inside the city limits, was most fruitful.

I was taking my own advice and searching for more lovely containers. My little girl has a collection of kid sized paint brushes that she loves to look at when not painting. It is in it's original packaging (ugly) and often dumped out everywhere. So container searching I went.

I found the tiny ginger jar first for $2.
There was also a collection of blue and white vases. Tempting, but they did not come home with me.

Next I found this, to die for, vase. 

It looks and feels like vintage McCoy but no mark and at $3, I just love it.

My husband loves thrifting, rarely buys anything, yet takes forever to rifle through everything. I must always remind myself that at least he is a willing partner in crime. Even if he is a slow and thorough one.
Yesterday it paid off...

I found this portable French style easel while he was examining something else.

Please excuse the clutter and sleeping child, I was excited
It was, apparently, never used. 
New, they are between $90 and $ 200.
This was $ 15.
So for twenty bucks I got some great stuff,  although no paintbrush container.
I also had a fun lunch with my family and a walk around one of my favorite towns.
Frederickburg, Virginia April 2010


Karena said...

Kerry super finds I adore the lines of the vase and the easel, well I can always use an extra one!

Art by Karena

ArchitectDesign™ said...

thats beats sitting at your desk like I did! LOL Great finds!

Kris said...


I think you picked up some GREAT finds. I am soooo in love with that French Easel! I can't believe you got it for
$15.00!!! A steal for sure. I also love the blue and white pretty!

Your little town looks lovely! It's been unseasonably warm here too. Today it's 72 degrees!

little t said...

Great find- I could have spent hours in there!

My Crafty Home-Life said...

Your husband loves thrifting! Wow, that is not