Monday, February 20, 2012

Frank talk

When I can steal a few quiet moments I love to read. Right now I am reading Loving Frank by Nancy Horan.
It is about a woman who has an affair with famed architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.
I think novels where infidelity is a main plot line are tiresome (the last one I read was too) but I am enjoying the insight into Frank Lloyd Wright, the man.
What are you reading?


Kris said...

Right now I'm reading Whiter Than Snow by Sandra Dallas. I've been reading quite a bit of late. I have read all of her books and find them interesting novels about a cast of characters who live in a small mining town in the mountains of Colorado.

I also just finished Things Left Unspoken by Eva Marie Everson also a great book.

My Crafty Home-Life said...

I am just looking for something new. I tend to go for humor.

Karena said...

Kerri I read this book Loving Frank a couple of years ago. I thought it was quite fascinating, what an ego!

I hope you will come and read my interview with artist William Rose.

Art by Karena

Ivy Clad said...

At the moment, it seems I don't have much time to do much reading besides the blogs I read. Summer is coming though, (one of these days) and I'm looking forward to some lazy, lazy days spent reading. The last book I read was Pride & Prejudice (for the second time in a few months).