Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yesterday's project and paintings

between two ladders--my kitchen floor is ugly, huh?

It's been months since I got two antique chandeliers on eBay to replace the ugly builder fixtures in my house.
Yesterday we (my husband) hung the second one. It first required being suspended on a broomstick between two ladders so I could get it ready.

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I had to add crystals that were removed for shipping and tighten the arms that were loosened to fit it into its crate.
Let me just say that this thing was freakin' HEAVY!
I actually hurt my shoulder trying to hold it up while my husband did the wiring. Speaking of wiring, the old wiring in the chandy is a bit dodgy and it shorted and blew a breaker first try.

almost finished project
Needless to say, I won't won't be leaving it on when I go to bed. One bulb went missing and another arm needs to be straightened but there it is and I'm happy.

On another note, I just added two paintings to my Etsy shop, DesignduMonde.
"A girl like me"
They are both 8 x 8 on paper and will need framing. They are also only $10 with free shipping in the US.
Updated: This 11 x 14 on canvas for $40

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