Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Texture checklist

When I am putting together a room texture is a consideration second only to color.
This isn't really meant to be a primer or directive just how I go about ensuring that I have all of the texture I want to make a room interesting. 
Rough visual texture that is still very pretty and feminine
In my opinion, a room with all sleek, smooth surfaces or entirely nubbly and rough is dull. I think a mix of visual and touchable textures adds the interest that every room needs. Some people may disagree but this is what satisfies me.
Number 1in my book is Rough. I think something with a coarse texture like burlap, raw wood, wicker and a few others make for a great room.
Yes, this is a giant sponge. Weird but cool

Woven shades are a useful way to add rough texture and cheap too

Rough need not be rustic.

Number 2 is Smooth, an obvious next but with a must have sub category.

Smooth metal, porcelain or stone surfaces are pretty easy to mix in.
The sub category I mentioned is clear glass. Just like grandma said that every room should have something black to ground it I really believe every room should have something clear like a glass vase or even a lucite tray to lighten it.

Number 3 is Sparkle-- I like just a little visual sparkle. A chandelier will do or a bit of highly polished metal.

The last on my checklist is not really a texture but number 4 is Fabric.
I think fabrics in varied textures in the same room go a long way to underscore the alternating textures in a room.
Silk is a favorite of mine
I count area rugs as fabrics
Varied textures in the same item scores extra points for me.

I have a minor obsession with velvet lately.
 It is just such a likeable texture.
Which leads me to number 5, or soft. This could be a velvet pillow or a fur throw but something with a cuddly texture is very inviting.
Have fun checking off items in your rooms and if something is missing do not fret, the easiest place to shop is your own house. Dig through those closets and attics for something different.

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Karena said...

Great points Kerry. This all gives that layered, collected look in design!

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