Thursday, October 13, 2011

Craigslist FAIL!

My local Craigslist is generally worthless for stylish furniture. The D.C. area Craigs is better but a bit pricey and its a pain to get there.
 I was excited to see a listing for these brass, faux bamboo tables. The kid told me they were his grandmother's and there were two small ones of the same size and a larger one for $20.
He said they were in good condition.
They wanted me to come in the evening so I set out at 6:15 to drive what was supposed to be about 1/2 hour away. It took me 50 minutes in the dark and rain. There was fog and windy, unlit roads. In short, it sucked.
And so do the tables. I think I mentioned that it was dark and that is how I ended up with these cheap, junky, corroded nesting tables. The two smaller ones that are NOT the same size, do actually nest. They will not fit under the largest one. $#*&! I hope they respond to a bit of spray paint and dim lighting.


ArchitectDesign™ said...

oh- thats the WORST!! Thats how I ended up with my not antique "antique" chest. LOL. After driving for an hour I wasn't going to NOT buy it. These are fixer uppers but they'll turn out well I bet -and for $20 too!

Karena said...

Kerry that is the problem with Craig s list. The photos don't always show you the wear and tear and broken parts!@

I bet you turn them into treasures though!

Oh, I have a Dezigner Pillows Giveaway; I hope you will join in!

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