Monday, October 31, 2011

chinoiserie on the cheap

Four of these Blossom plates from World Market $19.99

Chinoiserie detailed items aren't always in the hundreds of dollars, in fact there are plenty that are widely available at really low prices.

This Midnight Willow pattern also at World Market. Dinner plates are $6.99 with equally modest prices for other pieces.

$29.99 at Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby? Yes, if you have one nearby, go to their site first and print a 40% off coupon.

$19.99 at Hobby Lobby
They have a nice collection of blue and white chinoiserie porcelain.

$26.99 at Target
 Don't forget to put some style outside with the Pagoda bird feeder from Target or several of their cranes.


Maybe it's the wrong time of year but these outdoor pillows from Target are the bomb at $24.99 a pair.

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Bourbon&Pearls said...

My mum was/is crazy for Chinoisierie, I'm only just starting to like it now after a childhood of willow pattern everything.