Thursday, October 13, 2011

High/Low lighting solutions

I must say that I adore Circa Lighting but if you blew your budget on a pair of Brno chairs, like I did, you might want to compromise somewhere else. Here are a few ideas.

This beauty by Ralph Lauren called Dylan isn't a total budget buster at $378 but Ballard has a similar look...

in their Devon lamp for $189. It comes in six colors.

This lamp designed by Thomas O'Brien has a lovely crystal base.  The Andy column lamp is $630.
My low option is admittedly different in that it is a hollow glass base but offers a similar look at $39.99. This Ariana glass lamp is from World Market.

Alexa Hampton's Hugo lamp is a tough one to find for less but at $525 I could settle for something like this..

The $49.99 Martina lamp from World Market is not the same, I know, but like I said sometimes a girl's got to make the tough choices.

This lamp is from Circa at $420.
I couldn't find it on their site but Lowe's has seriously cute gourd lamps for $29.
The funny part about this is that I actually don't need any lamps but I keep looking.

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