Friday, June 28, 2013

B-day wishlist

Today I turn 45. It sounds like such a ridiculous age because I am really 27 in my head. 
(Be quiet, Mom)
Here is a bit of a wishlist that will not come to be, for this birthday at least.

Hiroshi Matsumoto
*sigh* The name Hiroshi Matsumoto alone, is romantic sounding, but his work is very consistent and beyond beautiful. I was going to ask for one but I peeked at his Etsy shop and the one one above is long gone and any that I sort of want is over budget, Boo hoo. I will bide my time and have one for sure someday.
The 4 x 4 inch paintings aren't crazy expensive but I want a larger piece.
Jack Rogers sandals
 If you know me, you would be surprised to know that I do not own a single pair of Jack Rogers sandals. They are preppy girl de rigueur footwear. I was the IT consultant for a Lilly Pulitzer boutique about 10 years ago and I wore Lilly everyday but just never got around to the "must have sandal"
Still want those damn thangs!

Also on my wishlist is a light fixture that would make other design bloggers slap their mom and say, SHUTUP!!!"

Actually this was quite "tongue in cheek", I treated myself rather generously yesterday.
 Thank you Etsy buyers! I have the cutest skirt two sizes smaller than a few months ago to wear to the First Friday opening at my new co-op gallery.
That member/ownership is the most fantastic birthday to me. I am meeting new artists that are local far and  more savvy, talented and educated than I envisioned... 
and I get to be included... my fondest wish ever!
shut up.. don't make me cry


Vel Criste said...

So happy you got your fondest wish Kerry dear, have a happy, happy birthday! Mwah!!!!

The Pink Pagoda said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Love your wishlist : )

Woodside Park said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Keep it festive and fabulous ;)

An Urban Cottage said...

Happy birthday!

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Happy Happy
45! You are still a Baby!!!!
So glad you dreams are coming true!!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! I am wild about those light fixtures. I hope you get spoiled today and congrats on the skirts and down some sizes! That is huge. Great job and congrats on the gallery membership! Have a wonderful day and successful year ahead! xoxo

Christina Baker said...

Happy Birthday Kerry! Love you and your art! Have a wonderful weekend!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Happy Happy Birthday Kerry!!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Happy Birthday...hope you have a great celebration!

My Notting Hill said...

Hey, Happy Birthday!!!

My Notting Hill said...

p.s. - I never would have guessed you were 45 and was surprised to read that. Your inner 27 is shining through.

Raina Cox said...

Happy Birthday, lovely lady!!

(sorry I'm a little late and I hope it was the best one yet)

Unknown said...

Kerry, Happy Birthday!!! Sorry I'm late my but the sentiment still applies!