Friday, December 7, 2012

Virtual Show House-Day 5 Kids' rooms

Day 5 is here and it is a double-decker design by Nancy and Bethany of Powell Brower Home. I asked if they would do a  kid's room and  they gave me two!

 Thanks  to our friend Kerry of Design du Monde for having us design a room in her Virtual Showhouse!  We are so happy to be a part of your series, and have enjoyed planning a children's room for this home.

Designing childrens rooms can be so much fun.  I love an element of whimsy injected and to personalize the space with the hobbies of the inhabitant.  In our own home Bethany had horse show ribbons surrounding the perimeter of her walls.  I painted clouds on the ceiling and a big sun on another wall; my son always had tents, forts, and even hung a hammock in his Tahitian-themed room when he was a pre-teen. ( He thought he would sleep in it, but he wasn't "gumby".)

Here are some inspiration rooms for wonderful children's rooms.  This first one would look beautiful in the home styled by Loi, of Tone on Tone, whose entry was the first room in  this series.

Now this is ambitious. I guess the child would have to be old enough to not try to ride the ferris wheel!

Tents are very popular with kids:

I think a child of any age would love this iconic bubble chair hanging in their room!

I came across these darling DIY drawer handles made from plastic toys:

When I started seriously eboarding a child's room  I used this inexpensive indoor/outdoor rug as a starting point for the design. Then it turned into a teen's room:

Let's see what Bethany has in mind...

Hi there, Bethany here!  I decided to do a nursery, since I just yearn to do one for real!  Don't get any ideas, I don't have baby fever, I just think it would be super fun to do.  And since we have no budget, I went a bit wild.  Like, 'Out of Africa' wild.

First, my own personal bedroom has a dark ceiling which is totally condusive to slumber.  I thought it would also be perfect in a baby's room since the goal is sleeeeeepy time.  I did a deep forest green on the ceiling, something like Deep Pool by Ralph Lauren.

I love the recent trend of large art in a nursery.  I'd add a travel poster from the motherland to add a sense of adventure.

A zebra cowhide rug adds another layer.  While many would think it wasn't practical, I'm here to tell you that these things are virtually indestructible.  Mine has withstood a ton of wear, specifically puppy training.  It's a wipe-with-soap-and-water kinda easy to clean, which could be perfect for baby messes.

A unique crib is a thing of beauty.  I especially loved this burl number from 1st dibs eons ago.  I also love those white campaign ones and old iron cribs (but ouch, can you imagine gumming on that thing?)

A tent to play in and a sideboard-turned-changing station tops off this room.

Thanks so much for letting us play, Kerry!
We had a blast.
Nancy and Bethany


I want to press the rewind button and be a kid in one of those rooms. Don't you?
I am sure you thought that Day 5 was the last but but I have added a Day 6 tomorrow with my own kitchen design. Please make sure to stop by for the last room in my Virtual Show House and each of these talented contributors.
Loi Thai of Tone on Tone
 Beth of Chinoiserie Chic
Lindsay of Sadie and Stella
Stefan of Architect Design
 Nancy and Bethany of Powell-Brower Home

also in case you missed them...
Day 1 Entry by Loi Thai
Day 2 Living room by Beth Connolly
Day 3 Dining room by Lindsay Dress
Day 4 Master bedroom by Stefan Hurray


Laurie said...

Loving this series - all those rooms are fab!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

The teen room is perfect. My teen wants a new room. I love these women, and they always do a great job.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

What a great series, I'm loving it all!! Great job today Bethany.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

2 fun and stylish children's rooms -love them!

Pura Vida said...

kids deserve cool stuff too!

Woodside Park said...

Awesome designs, Nancy and Bethany!! That bubble chair is too cool....a stylish spot for daydreaming, and of course, for texting :) And Bethany: wow! Very unexpected. Stylish and safari chic. Love the tent!!

Woodside Park said...

PS - I think the indoor / outdoor rug is perfect and very practical for a teen or any kid's room!

Lenny Lianne said...

The teen room is looks so cool
but I have reservations about
designing for a teen.
When I was a teen, my mother
designed a new bedroom for me
as a surprise: modern
burnt-orange and black, geometric
print for bedspread and vanity skirt.
All this without consulting me.
I'd rather have had a more
feminine decor.

charmaine said...

I truly love both rooms! Great job ladies!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I love both of these rooms. The colors in the teen room are so bold and fresh, and the entire nursery design is fabulously unexpected. Well done!