Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Old, new and maybe blue

I always laugh at the argument about decorating with books.
There are those that are appalled at the idea and those that embrace it and those that simply realize that if must put the thing down eventually it ought to look nice. I fall into the last category.

Personally, I am a fan of older books whether they be colorful or crusty.

There is something so romantic about old books stacked up.
I do not, however, subscribe to the fashion of ripping off covers or white washing them for decorative purposes, But hey, you live your life, I'll live mine.

There is just something about the way that books fill in a space that magazines or other items just don't equal.
I would not organize them by color but I have been guilty of that when I had to stage my house for sale.


I have become a believer in removing the paper covers but that is another war.

What about you? Do you organize by color? Are you a paper cover remover too?


jackie jade said...

i love decorating with books too - i just wish that i had more. on one of my shelves i organized by color because it was a smaller space, but generally i like a more haphazard look.
-- jackiejade.blogspot.com

My Crafty Home Life said...

I love this look, but seriously don't have to time to do this. Can you come and do it for me?

StagerLinda said...

I collect BIG coffee table books--especially books on artists. I love their colorful, glossy covers.

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

I use books everywhere I can. I have to admit I have removed the covers because they get torn and sloppy looking. I have them in a safe place to have them if needed. I have mostly old novels, but I do have a few newer design books, but not the lavish coffee table ones. Don't want to spend the $$$. I will use the same color and mix. Depends on how many I need for a shelf! It's easier to work with the black or dark ones. Makes the other items pop. I rearranged over the weekend. It was a slow day!! :)

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

I was just chatting with a fellow blogger about the future of books and bookcases. With so many books online now, I wonder what will happen to them. I'll never give up my books or decorating with them. And yes to all the above.

Anonymous said...

I love decorating with books, but only books i've read. Luckily I'm a voracious reader so I always have lots of material. When I finally convert to the e-reader, I'm sunk!

Vel Criste said...

Oh yes I am! In fact I wrote a whole post about it http://buhayatbahay.blogspot.com/2012/08/books-books-everywhere.html

Right now, the thrift and antique store is my friend, I am hoarding a lot of old books, I LOVE THEM, I love the look and even the smell. I like wondering about who owned them, who read them etc!